Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finally to HTC M7 publicity photos leaked

HTC M7 release date approached, the message also tends to clear, and known as the revelations of God said @evleaks also released the HTC M7 suspected official publicity photo. And February 19, HTC will release the latest flagship phone, replace the Butterfly position. Fossil iPhone case

Judging from this leaked photo, spy photos before and are similar in shape, M7 front is divided into three parts, all white, some netizens joked that it was moved to the M7 iPhone 5 designs on the back of positive ... More interesting is a row of holes at the bottom, it may be the speaker or microphone, if it is the speaker that is also a little innovation. In addition, the touch button design looks really weird, and only returned home two key, home key is placed on the right, of course we do not rule out the middle of the "HTC" is also with touch function

Outgoing prior spy photos

M7 partner Sense 5, fresh styles, the icon has been redesigned (this figure highlights the UC browser is the upper-left corner) FOSSIL iPhone 5 Case

It is reported that HTC M7 will configure a 1080P 4.7-inch screen and Qualcomm APQ8064 1.7GHz quad-core processor, a 13 million-pixel camera is configured, and offers F2.0 large aperture lenses and video HDR and other new features. In addition, HTC M7 likely will also have an infrared port.

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