Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beijing Tiger families first response get off because of sickness not fighting

On July 23 at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Beijing Badaling Safari Tiger accident occurred in the Siberian Tiger Park, 32 years old woman tourist Zhao stop, was towed away by a tiger, a car chase was his mother weeks Tiger bites. The incident caused the death of Zhou, Zhao was injured. After the incident, because the families of the dead and wounded has not appeared in public, why people get off on the bus, get off before the quarrel, rehabilitation of victims and status no one was informed that problems. After almost 3 months of the incident, the injured Mr Zhao's father, Zhao accepted the Beijing Youth daily reporter's exclusive interview with, restoring the scene when the incident, and the daughter's injury recovery.

Talk about the incident

Car motion sickness non-fighting fury

July 23 after the fact, there are claims that the incident is due to online Cho usually always quarrel and her husband, also in a rage after an argument with her husband got out of the car, but did not think the Tiger comes, this argument, Mr Chao denied the direct, "I know confirmed later repeated with her daughter, this was not the case. "

Mr Zhao said, sitting a total of 4 people in the car on the day of the incident, namely, his daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren and his wife, when they think about going to an amusement park or Zoo, but grandson wanted to see "the Tiger", which only decided to go to the Zoo.

In into Zoo zhiqian, because has been is daughter in drive somewhat tired, into Park Hou on to son-in-law open has, due to son-in-law is novice, stopped stopped open open, plus daughter has been in March of car Shang side to watch animal, led to some motion sickness not comfortable, "daughter motion sickness of badly, she errors thought to has security district, this only got off to with son-in-law for with open, is not online biography of as is because fight only Xia of car. "

In accept North Green reported reporter interview Shi, Zhao Mr has been stressed, daughter at got off is because motion sickness, plus thought to has security district, "at see before and after has cars stay, and in right several meters at of space Shang stopped has Park party of patrol car, they produced has errors judge, think here has no beast, compared security, so in here parking got off, wants to for with open. "

Mr Zhao said, online relationship between the daughter and son-in-law of the usual bad quarrel saying no, "daughter was until May or June of this year to work in Beijing, had been working for a company in Ma On Shan, son-in-law in Beijing, from time to time to meet, how would often quarrel? They have a good relationship. "

In addition, online also there are rumors, "the lover of the woman is man, usually less harmony, children for children out of wedlock", "family is a professional medical alarm", "has been successfully MDP three", Mr Chiu said these are nonsense, and was in the car with his daughter and son-in-law, and his grandson. Medical alarm more is ridiculous, "we almost didn't have to go to the hospital, where doctors make? After the girl was sent to hospital for medical treatment, we never say medical alarm online behavior. "

Talking about daughters injury

Hurt the most scarring of the face 20 cm long

After the fact, has spread more than one online "victims photos", and said the wounded "didn't bite his chin, chest caught ambiguous".

Zhao Mr told North Green reported reporter, daughter injured does is serious, but does not like online said of as Chin was bite off, "I daughter more at injured, face, and Hou cervical, and back, and waist are injured has, which injured most heavy of is face, Tiger a drag a pulled caused of wound is deep is long, has a more than 20 more cm of SCAR, has disfigured has, also off has two star teeth, face Shang of neural damaged, chewing function also by effect, but can dinner, and talk. Back, neck and other parts of the others are trauma, who also has a lot of scars. "

Mr Zhao said, after getting out of the hospital, her daughter has been recovering at home, the current injury is slowly recovering and can walk normally, but because of more serious injuries, you also need to regularly change. At present, the meat has been slowly growing out of the wound, but because the meat is not suitable for plastic surgery, you need to wait for some time, such injury was completely healed, he told his daughter to undergo plastic surgery, "the daughter, after all, still young, still have to continue to live. "

Talk about life

After an accident three years old grandson didn't look at Tigers Sichuan villagers for his birthday were fined

Mr Zhao said, this thing has too much influence on the family, "his wife died, my daughter was so seriously injured, feel the home is broken."

Mr Zhao said, and due to injuries, things, daughter not to go out, in addition to talking with acquaintances and occasionally little conversation, daughter's emotional impact, the mood is very good, people often persuade their daughter at home, over time, is much better than it was before, now my daughter can basically free, usually at home doing housework, taking care of children.

According to Mr Zhao because daughter May or June to Beijing, also at work for more than a month, after the fact, no rhetoric does not dismiss his daughter, but because her daughter had been injured can't get to work, they intend to hurt good units relieved labor contract, such as plastic surgery done again to find a job in the future.

Grandson of less than three years, since the accident no longer dare to see a tiger, "as long as there are Tiger images on television we hurried past. "The Tiger still scared when he saw the scene of the incident in the car, always said," my mother was eaten by a tiger. "

Talk about progress events

Call accept netizens criticized the hope things can be resolved as soon as possible

On August 24, yanqing district informed the biting incident investigation results to the Tiger, finds visitors not to comply with the requirement for warning had not been ignored, allowed to get off, does not belong to production safety accidents. Family lawyer Zoo after consultations on follow-up matters such as compensation.

Investigation, Zhao said, as families they cannot accept. While the victim got off without authorization without sufficient attention to safety faults. But a dangerous excursion security responsibility was placed on the visitors, and this is clearly unreasonable. Mr Zhao said, her daughter after they had an accident, Park has just increased the network isolation security measures, such as, if you had installed, you may be able to avoid this casualty accident. Nor are there any warning signs near accident, but afterwards they added 36, also shows that lack of warning. In addition, Zhao said the families received the full video shows, incident when patrol cars in addition to detonation gas, honking, no other relief measures, the injured husband beating the doors in a row around the vehicles to ask for help, Ranger's answer was: "we dare not get off, this case could not be saved. "The Gold Cup from Tiger to park cars who pulled away, the last 21 minutes, and taken to the hospital, after one has 44 minutes.

After the fact, there were a large number of online voices of doubt, in this regard, Mr Zhao said they accept netizens criticize, rebuke and even abuse, hope everybody can accept the blood lesson everyone can comply with any laws and regulations. "For those Internet rumors, though has brought us the spirit of the two hit and hurt, think, nor will we pursue, as we the injured party was killed and another disabled, after all, now just hope things can be resolved as soon as possible. "

Zoo: still communicating with the family

The night of October 12, bei Qing telephone contact Cao of the Badaling Wildlife Park is responsible for propaganda, Cao said, is still communicating with the families, there is no final result. Proposed solution for zoos and family parties, Mr CAO said it does not disclose. It is understood that the Tiger Park has not yet been opened, in particular opening hours has not been determined.

(Formerly titled "Badaling Tiger bite" families of sound exposure when the car for the first time)