Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Miit record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Miit: record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Run monitoring and Coordination Bureau Deputy Director Huang l b said today at the Ministry to strictly control new capacity, firmly prevent the increased reduction. Around may, in any name or by any means for the record added production capacity of iron and steel project.

On October 20, 2016, held a press conference of the information Office of the State Council, industry and information Department Chief Engineer Zhang introduced third quarter of 2016, such as industrial developments in the communications industry, and answering reporters ' questions.

A reporter asked, next steps guide the orderly exit of excess capacity, the Ministry has put in place new initiatives?

Huang l b points out, resolve excess steel capacity is the Party Central Committee and the State Council from the overall situation, major decisions and arrangements of the long-term, supply side structural reform priorities, must unswervingly push forward.

Next, from the several aspects of this work:

One Guide and supervise the provincial people's Government to implement effectively into the Organization's responsibility for the implementation, establish and perfect the responsibility system, carefully layer divided into specific objectives of corporate, project, and responsible person, and ensure that every job, every time someone in charge, some supervision.

Miit: record new capacity shall not in any way around iron and steel project

Second, continued backward, cleanup of illegal construction projects, and joint law enforcement initiatives, duocuo simultaneously, forcing excess capacity exiting.

Third, public announcements and announcement of implementation capacity, the strict "prior publicity, subsequent announcements" system, strengthen supervision, to prevent fraud, the resurgence of to ensure that excess capacity in real exit. National statistical offices respond to part of

Four is to tighten control on new capacity and firmly to prevent the increased reduction. Around may, in any name or by any means filing new capacity steel projects, all steel and iron project to strictly enforce the capacity replacement requirements, and announced to the public, the relevant departments and agencies shall not be illegal for land evaluation, environmental impact assessment, approval and new credit support and other related businesses.

Capacity as one of the five major structural reforms this year, has been the focus of Government policy at all levels with, Premier Li on October 8 by a State Council Executive meeting stressed that overcapacity, such as steel, coal, electrolytic aluminium industry, shall not in any way around new capacity, in principle no longer approve new conventional fuel production vehicles.

13th, the national development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said, "drive to work in the capacity to accelerate progress and achieved positive progress. At the end of September, iron and steel, coal two exit capacity were significantly improved, authorities are verifying progress data, will be released soon. "At the end of September, steel, coal retreat two industries production capacity were completed over 80% of targets for the year.

Prior to that, for the implementation of the State Council on resolving the steel, coal and petrochemical industry overcapacity and promote orderly development of coal policies, and resolutely curb excess capacity in the industry, increase the intensity of construction project guarantee of steady growth, General Office of the Ministry of land and resources issued the implementation of industrial policies of the State job on the construction project review of the notification on the relevant issues (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

The notice clearly, strictly industries with surplus production capacity project pre review, does not meet the criteria will not be processed.

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