Sunday, October 16, 2016

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China Pakistan s Chashma unit

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) was informed on October 16, Pakistan at 16:35 local time on October 15, 2016, "along the way" the cnnc exporting a third nuclear power plant--on Chashma nuclear power plant unit 3rd official incorporation was successful.

According to official sources the nuclear group, Chashma nuclear power station unit 3, 4th China is practicing "along the way" initiative, deepened China-Pakistan all-weather strategic partnership, to witness the brotherly friendship between the two peoples project, 340,000-kilowatt unit power from the nuclear group is responsible for the turnkey construction of China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation. Li dongrong Internet financial regulation combating

  "Long live friendship! "According to cnnc reported successful incorporation for a moment, to witness this historic moment in the field of cnnc Assistant General Manager Li Xiaoming and member of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission nuclear power Joseph celebrated by acclamation.

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China, Pakistan's Chashma unit 3rd grid

For many years, played an important role in the construction of China's nuclear power market in Pakistan. Chashma nuclear power project in Pakistan is China's own design, construction of the first export commercial nuclear power plants, by the two sides as "South-South" model. Among them, the Chashma, 1th, 2nd 300,000-kilowatt PWR nuclear power unit, had been launched in 2000 and 2011 put into commercial operation.

Third exports overseas nuclear power plants in China, Pakistan's Chashma unit 3rd grid

"Chashma nuclear power plant is a model of Pakistan more than 20 years, will vigorously promote China-Pakistan cooperation in many areas in the future. "In the subsequent incorporation of the celebration ceremony, Li on behalf of the nuclear group souvenirs with Pakistan, and said that China is steadily promoting the construction of economic corridors, Pakistan is committed to creating community of destiny, cnnc and Pakistan story will deepen fraternal brothers together, in the follow-up on nuclear power projects and other cooperation in the field of nuclear energy more fruitful.

Joseph ceremony on behalf of Pakistan into the sharing of C2 (Chashma 2nd unit) power station has been running full power operation for 266 days creating Pakistan's nuclear power record for good news, and Chinese long live friendship! He said China-Pakistan friendship should look at the Chashma nuclear power. C3 (3rd unit) after the successful incorporation will provide a steady flow of power from Pakistan, bring light to the Pakistani people and look forward to working with the nuclear group to continue to strengthen cooperation.

At present, the nuclear group is building 4 300,000-kilowatt exports to Pakistan nuclear power units, 2 million-kilowatt nuclear power units, and is active in uranium resources, personnel training and other fields of cooperation. Currently, 4th unit has entered the full commissioning is expected in 2017 is expected to formally grid generation in the first half. At that time, for power supply shortage in Pakistan to provide a clean, efficient, safe power.

Public information displayed, in the nuclear group is China only export had plant and achieved bulk export of enterprise, has success to 7 a national export had 7 Taiwan nuclear power unit, and 8 Taiwan reactor or nuclear power device, and and global more than 40 multiple national and area established has technology trade relationship, is and more than 20 multiple national talks nuclear power and the uranium resources, and nuclear fuel, and nuclear technology application, nuclear industrial full industry chain cooperation.

In addition to the Chashma project, in August last year, Karachi, Pakistan, pouring first concrete for Unit 2nd nuclear project. 2nd Karachi nuclear power units is the first autonomous generation nuclear power technology, China's first overseas means Hualong first went abroad for the first time, landing in Pakistan.

Karachi nuclear power project (K2, K3) is Pakistan's largest nuclear power project, the site is located near the coast of the Arabian Sea, Karachi, Pakistan, about 900 kilometers from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.

Consulate in Karachi general business information, Karachi nuclear power projects totalling US $ 9.6 billion, the Chinese loan amounted to us $ 6.5 billion, generating capacity is 2.2 million-kilowatt, made in Hualong, first (ACP-1000), project undertaken by China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation, Plan 2020 to generate electricity.