Saturday, October 8, 2016

Zhejiang property distribution company robbed tourists of affray the same property

October 8 evening, Zhejiang jiashan Public Security Bureau official micro-letter public, "good police for people" released message: October 5 noon, points is two home property agent company of Zhang a, and Tung a in jiashan Gao Tienan station square for distributed property sales flyer, and scramble tourist occurred spat, then both the mustered more than 10 more than people in North Hongye roadside holding sticks, mob fights, led to more people different degree injured.

Zhejiang property distribution company robbed tourists of affray, the same property has hundreds of distributors

Jiashan disposal police quickly rushed to the scene.

After the alarm, jiashan disposal police rushed to the scene, arrested and summoned more than more than 20 people under investigation in accordance with law, and sent the injured to the hospital for treatment. Upon examination, Zhang Dong, 14 people were detained on suspicion of affray, in the further investigation of the case. Jiangsu Huaian responses to basic false attraction

Insiders to the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) revealed that staff belonging to two companies involved in the brawl, but is named "Peacock city Xin XI Tong" property for showmanship.

Corporate website information is displayed, the adjacent to the Gao Tienan, jiashan station building by the Chinese Foundation of happiness company (stock code: 600340) investment and construction. The company was founded in 1998, is "China's leading operator of industrial town" jiashan rail new city block where the property concerned by the company's development and construction.

"Parties to the conflict are not Chinese happy staff, but real estate agents the company's distribution company staff, and we do not have any direct contact. "The surging real estate project leader told the press, currently the project real estate sales agent agreement with the 6 Agency company, each agency and in cooperation with 20~30 distribution company, the distribution company and agency business, relationship with project.

He explained that the advance, distribution companies to cooperate with one agency personnel and a group of Shanghai customer appointments, 5th to the project site. At about 11 o'clock that day, when customers arrive in jiashan Gao Tienan, distribution companies to cooperate with another company who approached the showmanship, and handing out leaflets. Subsequently, 2 distribution company personnel squabbles and evolved into a physical confrontation, followed by 2 distribution companies of more than 20 people were involved.

The official said real estate sales like this to light, the company has conducted an internal reorganization. Two agents, has suspended its agent eligibility, call for corrective action, "when corrective action is in place, when recovery agent qualifications, and around 100,000 yuan fine. "The two distribution companies involved in the conflict, and has asked the Agency not to cooperate and strengthen the management of the respective distribution companies.