Thursday, October 27, 2016

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300 000 the hospital

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Screenshots show project has raised 300,000, but part of the illness and the costs of patients with proven untrue.

A breast cancer patient's children said, homes for mothers illness nearly spent all his savings, and doctors informed the follow-up treatment, and fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan a month, raised 300,000 yuan. Recently raised in well-known public platform-"easy chip" appears on such a project, and quickly raised more than 20,000 yuan.

The afternoon of October 27, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Suzhou municipal hospital East Office was informed that the raise project involves a patient in the Hospital Oncology treatment.

The home office staff member said, as of now, the patient's total treatment costs 17,000 yuan, after Medicare and manpower costs, at their own expense to take only 6383.07 Yuan, and doctors forecast full cost only 50,000 yuan.

The storm, the staff member said, fund-raising event description did not correspond to reality, affected the reputation and image of a hospital, hospitals want to clarify.

The evening of 27th, surging public information call the patient's child that is the project promoter and found that the phone has shut down.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

27th the project goal has been raised from 300,000 to 50,000.

Easy to raise: contact modify

Suzhou municipal hospital East above the staff, from October 7 to 27th, the patient hospitalized in surgical oncology and surgery, total cost of 17349.96 Yuan, after Medicare and manpower costs, actual patient cost of 6383.07 Yuan.

The staff also disclosed that the 27th, the patient has been transferred to the Oncology receiving follow-up treatment, programmes are currently undergoing chemotherapy, chemotherapy costs about 5000 to 10000 Yuan, Chinese medicine and Manpower can be reimbursed for 30%-40%.

Practically all costs of treatment for the disease and patients, the staff member said number total cost cannot be determined at the moment, number of patient follow-up chemotherapy needed depending on the patient's body may be, generally around 2-5 course, "today the patient's attending physician said in an interview, is expected patients full cost around 50,000 yuan. "

Surging News note to, current, the project displayed has will all raised target amount from 300,000 Yuan cut to 50,000 yuan, while project description in the, also will originally of "left chest right chest are are for malignant tumors" modified for "left breast cancer right milk mass", and delete has "in surgery of when on has spent light has all of savings, attending of doctor said if each months medication Basic are in fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan above", claims.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Raise project records show only the left breast, and does not match the description.

Why unverified items will appear on a raised platform as well? Park Geun Hye first red rot in question were searched

The evening of 27th, Zhang Yingli easily raise network science and technology limited company of Beijing Marketing Department staff to the press in response to the surging, the company had noted the matter and communicate with the sponsor, the hospital head doctor.

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

She also revealed that the project was launched on October 25 to raise, then relaxed and raised during the audit found, stated in the case-patient "left and right breast in breast cancer", with the sponsor in the project described in the claim that "left chest for cancer" does not meet, therefore will be rejected by the audit of the project.

And raise the target amount of 300,000 yuan and actual risked a thing, said Zhang Yingli, check with the sponsor contact, the sponsor explained was due to spend a specific amount of "doubt", that usually costs 300,000 raise, after the question has been communicating with the head doctor, also the amount raised from 300,000 to 50,000 yuan.

Zhang Yingli also explained that raised similar non-public project, project review cycle is initiated from the date to the withdrawal period does not necessarily require approval before they can be issued, on the project page will clearly state "this information does not belong to the charity fund-raising in public information, published by the information the individual is responsible for the authenticity".

However, there are still many netizens questioned such a lax regulatory system, will cause donors to be lied to the possibility of donating?

In this regard, Zhang Yingli says: "according to raise our two years prior in their figures, raised such spontaneous audience spread in the main circle sponsors between friends and family, to the second-level communication that friends and family to spread the credit guarantee, were already very limited spread unless sponsors a wide range of contacts. "

Suzhou children of cancer patients say savings to raise 300,000, the hospital said at their own expense only 6,000

Suspicious hospital staff broke the treatment of expenses fraud.

Attorney: individuals raise legitimate dispute

For these events, Jiangsu Su Jiang Yongwei, law firm partner, new analysis shows that, in the present case, obvious fictional facts of sponsors, such as unilateral breast cancer invented a two-sided, exaggerating the current treatment and future treatment costs required, suspected of fraud.

Jiang Yongwei said: "Although the sponsors argued for ' doubt ' expenses have written 300,000 yuan, but combine to raise the project text, for example ' spending all her savings ', show promoter not one false step, but deliberately lied to donate. "

Meanwhile, Jiang Yong lawyer also believes that easily raise fails to perform basic auditing duties, have obvious mistakes in this collection, "due to the easily raised platform will be charged 2% fees, raise should have a strict obligation not so easy with various kinds of excuses to shirk its responsibility. "

In addition, Jiang Yong Wei also pointed out that individuals in public welfare donations on raised platforms, compliance with the Charities Act, itself has a legal dispute.

He explained that according to the provisions of the Charities Act, no organizations or individuals with a public subscription qualifications based on charitable purposes, can work with charitable organizations with public subscription qualifications, managed by the charitable organization to carry out a public subscription and raised money.

In his view, the