Saturday, July 25, 2015

94Fifty smart basketball man ~ you call victory

World Cup came to an end, but the NBA Summer League is still in full swing! Put down the beer, snacks and game controller! Quickly rushed into the stadium stood up and put on sneakers, real men of summer shouldn't be and do you embrace the Sun and sweat!

Worry about inferior? Never mind, Otaku on the high technology sector early for you to think of it, so they give you a fantastic smart basketball play, you can record your shots and intelligent data analysis, as a coach or a good friend, and with you at any time.

94Fifty smart basketball look ordinary basketball is no different, but its low profile 6 sensors built-in, and paired with the Bluetooth chip and batteries. Sensors will record when you catch the shot time, shooting incident angle, basketball hand rotation rate and shoot shot data. Then through a dedicated APP for data reading and evaluating, using scientific methods to help you adjust your shooting form and gesture yo! wooden iPhone 4 case

94Fifty APP have both Android and iOS platforms online, simply phone or pad Bluetooth pairing with the basketball, then tap on the basketball number you can complete it! By recording data APP experience can give you four different operations, namely, exercise, fast, race (up to 4 users) and challenge mode.

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Dedicated app by logging data you can do four different choices, namely: exercise, fast, race (up to supports 4 users) and challenge. After registering an account you can begin to practice it! Consists of dribbling and shooting, there are 4 levels, respectively, some exercise programs, one hand dribble, crossover dribble, behind-the-back dribble, shot speed and scored a point ... ... What does what, every project needs a goal can be achieved through, after all projects through a level, to open the next level (similar to skills upgrading in the game), and if that fails, can only repeat try ~

After the above practice projects, you can proceed to the PK session, such as small individual PK between partners, crossover dribble PK, PK angle or speed ... ... If forgot to give smaller partners registered account! PK is after training this session the data are given according to your suggestions! Oh yes, the smart basketball do not have any challenge link, but because there can only be shared to Twitter this site that does not exist, this function can be ignored ... ...

94Fifty the current wireless charging, just put the basketball in wireless charging pad you can, a full charge can interact with the basketball for about 8 hours. Price, on the tall basketball is worth as much as $ 295, not Amoy is sea freight and taxes, I hear is available for sale in Hong Kong, HK$2388, went out to play the way can bring one back. Come on, boys! To sweat it!

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