Sunday, July 26, 2015

Come on, while driving, while bath!

Hot weather always makes people want to take a bath, bath must be great while driving! Abstract ideas, United States engineers did it, their success in the hot tub on a 1969 Cadillac factory, refitted bath sports cars still maintain performance, ran out of the broken hundreds per hour no problem. Givenchy iPhone 6 case

Good friends-Los Angeles mad scientist Weicker (Phil Weicker), foster (Duncan Forster) from my schooldays there is this dream, build action bath sports car, took them for 6 years, modified car, suspension, heated. In addition, the entire body is rebuilt, bathtub material is made of fiber glass, even pressure to help Urawa filter equipped with water, with a V8 engine, the water temperature is heated to about 38 degrees Celsius to a maximum.

They said they wanted to prove to the world, bath sports cars the idea is feasible, you can enjoy while driving comfortable hot bath. They have submitted their applications, hoping to break the world record, registered as world's fastest run of bath sports car.

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