Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A SECOND THOUGHT for Otterbox Defender owners designed for mini iPad

I couldn't you should find an Otterbox S4 subreddit, so I hope it is really an acceptable place for help. A number quick details before my ıssue:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Otterbox Defender Case Eden

Purchased from an Amazon seller, Excellent Defender case for retina small iPad, the product code number (4 digit number with circle surrounding it) is 7111.

However most common sister was gifted, what your lover believes to be a genuine mini ipad tablet defender case, the product code within the 6930.

What's the product code on the mini iPad Defender? Where completed you purchase the case? I'm racking your brains on if the Amazon merchant sold you something genuine

More information about S4 Otterbox. It is a helpful resource for your refer