Thursday, July 30, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" Big Toys water magic alarm clock, no electricity no

Has so a paragraph alarm clock, it not need eat into battery, or Shang clockwork, or must attached in phone, and iPad as subsidiary function, as long as you for it added full water, it daily are will enthusiasm of for you working, and called you up (containing alarm clock function); If you in injection mouth planting hydroponics of green, it also will let you boring of desktop glow green vitality!

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Big water Toys magic alarm clock, is it ~ no annoying ticking sound, big screen mute, more temperature, time, date, week shows.

Displays the time and date and light in color, indicating lack of water, and pour out the water, new water to the water tank. If the sediment on the inside wall, add a little white vinegar to clean then. Victorias Secret phone case

Lettering MAX product back to add water maximum and MIN water limit, complete, to restore power. Because there are no batteries, so each time you change the water, need to reset the time.

"Product information" properties---BigToys-genuine authentic brand name-origin-China-water magic alarm clock-the clock diameter 9.5 cm (including injection nozzle 11 cm) weight--210g material--plastic containing ontology – alarm clock * 1, user manual *1 battery-no battery, water injection Victoria Secret iPhone

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