Monday, July 27, 2015

ISwimband security systems, children more enjoyable, more comfortable

Summer swimming pool or water park, is the children's business. However, the swimming pool or the beaches around the security problem is not every parent is worried things?

Oh, if you want to be a kid running to where eye follows where "stalking expert", hoping to let the, children become more independent, brushing more fun, then iswimband as a high-tech gadget, will naturally take over your fears, once the bear boy paper are at risk, it will be alerted in a timely manner.

ISwimband is a comfortable lightweight wearable sensors, one shaped like a headband, another like the wrist, it will be worn on the person under guardianship, head or hands, brightly colored ornaments. If children can't swim into the water area, it will quickly remind you. Or if the child is a swimmer, but has been under water for too long, you will get a warning.

The "hair band" via Bluetooth with iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch connections and, of course, you need to set up in advance a complete set of sensors. After connecting, adults and children separated by 100 feet (33 meters away is to track gap) within the scope of, are able to receive distress signal in real time.

This aquatic safety system for pre-sale price of $ 99, you get a iSwimband headband, wristband, and sensors. Manufacturer iSwimbands said the coming months will open to Android and Windows Mobile platforms. case for Macbook Air

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