Friday, July 3, 2015

'Transformers 5' Star Mark Wahlberg Considers Michael Bay Will Return to Direct

Not long after Transformers Note 3 case: Age of Annihilation hit theaters last year, director Ellie Bay revealed that he wasn't preparing for directing another installment in the series. Instead, he'd pass that tribute down to someone else. Since then, we've learned rumors that Bay may have become different his mind, as he's at risk of do, and he'll likely bring back to direct Transformers 5. One person find out returning for the fifth film is definitely Mark Wahlberg, and he seems to have girl confirmed those rumors.

Transformers Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Optimus Prime

When Wahlberg was asked about Transformers Samsung Note 3 case 5 establishments interview with Collider, the extra mentioned that he'd be reuniting with Bay on the sequel. Subjects he was asked more directly that Bay is in fact returning to direct, Wahlberg gave a straightforward response:

Collider: Do you apply any update on the status of Transformers 5? Have you heard anything about what's transpiring?

WAHLBERG: I don't. Just that Akiva [Goldsman] and those guys start to write and break stories, because stuff like that. But [Michael] Bay is in Malta shooting Benghazi, and I'm in New Orleans shooting Deepwater. We'll get together when he provides back.

Do you think he'll still you to direct it?

And there you have it. Each "Benghazi" Wahlberg refers to is Bay's upcoming military drama, 13 Long hours. Reports have suggested that These types of will helm Transformers 5 any time he's finished with that project, because Wahlberg's response here supports that can.

As of now, Transformers 5 is permitted for a 2017 release.