Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TWEAK abandon squeezed into the water leakage, terrible rubbish don't try to touch me!

Even if you're not squeamish, out of the Hall into the kitchen, and is quite possible-to build up in the drain filter stuff away, rotten vegetables, porridge, left a mess of various types of waste, forget it, you please mind your own make up. This is just the kitchen waste, bathroom – more difficult to talk about. Israel designers Nitzan Shafat drain filter and Aviv Rozenfeld recently produced a TWEAK designed to liberate your delicate hands and easily handle waste residue. Here's a convenient filter silicone texture, has a prominent surface of handle, needs to pour away the rubbish, gently pinch the handles, the filter will turn into a funnel shape. Top bottom of the funnel, filter junk will use silicone elastic, flip. Trash instantly into the waste basket. How did that go? Only requirement is that, at the trash basket! TWEAK comes in two sizes, fit multiple sizes of kitchen and bathroom. Gorgeous drop picked colorful TWEAK, do abandon trash ... ... [via] Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case - Tanalia Oil Blossom