Sunday, August 2, 2015

A bouquet of lilies in the kitchen, and opened for the who?

With flowers in the name of kitchen appliances, combinations, looking like a bunch of quiet and sweet Lily, cuttings in a beautiful vase, pyrotechnic gas fragrance alone, waiting for the Lady.

In fact, the kitchen includes a shovel, colanders, blenders, clips, spoons and other kitchen utensils, each utensil handles, a blossom of lily. Matching elegant vase, drain water-bearing design, built-in LED light to soft light, button batteries. Marc Jacobs Samsung Galaxy S4 case

But little vase bottle, how to fit a variety of apparatus? Ah ha! Finally got a point. The shovel scoop here, designers have added a clever mind, larger ends, you could fold into the same body style. Such as mixers, thin as a stick! Indented spoon, shovel slimming by rotating or sliding, all appliances can be properly it into the vase! Ever thought of the idea of holding a bunch of home and scolded!

Designer: Seoyeonjin Choi Marc Jacobs Samsung Galaxy S4 case

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