Saturday, August 8, 2015

onanoff SoundCover -- Bluetooth speaker coupled with cover for iPad [Review]

mini bluetooth speakers are a nickel a dozen nowadays. For such a subwoofer to stand out, it has to have the buttons to differentiate it from opposing team. While exceptional sound quality is always typically the goal, it is sadly not enough any yeast problem.

Cylinder Bluetooth Speaker

The onanoff SoundCover for choosing Air piqued my interest because doing so offered a unique design. Quite frankly, brink of bankruptcy was so odd, that I could not even understand it at first. You see that in the below unboxing video, Certainly assumed that it would prop up typically the iPad Air with a Surface-like hover, while sending the sound through the rear end. This is not the case.

Actually, typically the cover aspect is strictly to shield the iPad Air's screen. While traveling or moving about, you would the actual tablet face-down into the SoundCover. Even though display is protected, the rest was not. It is not designed for the iPad to be used in the cover, so it is just not protect against drops or scratches at the rear.

While 14mm sounds kind of thin, it adds considerable many to the iPad. It's also not terribly lamp either; it will make your iPad much heavier the actual event that used as a cover. With that said, typically the materials are fantastic -- long while mostly plastic, the rear feels like a suitable durable aluminum -- cold to touch -- which adds to an overall top notch feel. My unit is fantastic, but it also comes in other colors example gray and black.

Ultimately, which means the iPad cover aspect is appreciated, the bit gimmicky. It will only are compatible with a naked iPad Air (both foremost and second gen), meaning a suitable case will render the provide you with unusable. When I did snap your own iPad Air in to the cover, I discovered it extremely difficult to get out additionally.

You now know its shortcomings as a considerate cover. However , cover aside, this is a bluetooth mini speaker that will work with such device, including iPhone, Android coupled with Windows Phones. Hell, it has a 10. 5mm jack and included wire for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

With all of even so, the speaker can be considered a suitable Bluetooth speaker like any other. You know what? It really excels as such. The sound recording quality is very nice, offering exceptionally clean highs and decent low-end. If you are a fan of bass-heavy your favorite songs, such as Hip-Hop, you may be disappointed. Going to remain, I was so impressed by the clarity i discovered overlooked the lack of bass.

Even though the subwoofer sends audio at the user, it can be designed to offer 360 degree appear to be. This actually works well, but supreme differs based on where the listener is put. Having it facing towards the audience is ideal, while side and rear end listening offers lesser quality. With regard to party, however , it is entirely satisfactory offering loud volume regardless of situation.

The front of the speaker is home to volume disrupts plus an on and off switch. Your unit will also power on and off automatically taking out the rear stand. One annoyance is whenever you power the unit on it noisally speaks (in a computerized customer voice) "Power is On". For those who power it off, it expresses "Power is Off". At first it can be sort of a cool novelty, but as we use it regularly, you just want it to seal up.

While listening to some configurations from my Android smartphone using a to the device, a call arrived. It spoke the caller NAME, which I thought was rather clever. Yes, besides being a speaker, a suitable microphone is embedded, making it the speaker phone. Calls sound marvelous on it too, making it a smart inclination for a business traveler.

The company swear 15 hours of use out of the 3300mAh battery and that is probably achievable. Concerning tested it for about 10 precious hours for my review (on coupled with off, not straight) and I has not yet needed to charge. When it must be charged, it is done so with a old fashioned micro USB.

What I particularly really like about the onanoff SoundCover is that it retracts flat. This makes it very easy to glide in and out of a bag without incorporating bulk. If you use a messenger net, for instance, it will respect the actually flat nature of the bag.

In summary, I find the onanoff SoundCover like a good Bluetooth speaker, but its $199 ticket is a bit high -- I'd will want to see it $50 less. While I just think Android users will be hesitant to selection anything designed for the iPad, it truly is work well nonetheless. iPad Air owners in particular looking for a Bluetooth speaker will take notice, but keep in mind the limitations around the protection.