Saturday, August 1, 2015

Multicultural Releases More Photos Of SISTAR's Bora In Okinawa

Cosmopolitan released new photos of SISTAR's Bora vacationing in Okinawa. In the absolutely new cuts, the star continued your partner stylish sailing adventure, took a good solid walk on the beach at night, to posed in a grassy field. They modeled summer perfect pieces the fact that included a loose Rebecca Minkoff cases clothing, H&M bikini bottom, and bodily exercise leggings by Sketchers.

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Among Bora's affordable apparel looks was a Diane von Furstenberg link bikini top level. The article can be yours for $115 at Matches Fashion. As for your partner footwear, Bora rocked a pair of Sketchers Gowalk 3 slip-on shoes. The very flexible sneakers have high-rebound sofa and are made of a breathable fine mesh to keep the wearer cool. A navy/white pair can be yours for $60 at ShoeBuy. The shoes can be seen underneath in greater detail.

To check out in your first set of photos of Bora taking advantage of the beauty of Okinawa, click here!

Recently, Bora was cast as the female direction in the upcoming web drama program Flatterer. The drama is about Bong Hee [Bora's character], a high planned judo captain who has a grind on a boy that attends a faculty full of delinquents. The main cast also contains Kwak Dong Yeon, F. Testosterone. Island's Lee Jae Jin to Bae Seul Gi.

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