Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Il Ancestors: Ellis Island celebration offers renaming

A recent celebration at Ellis Island included the renaming from the Great Hall to Ellis Remote island National Museum of Immigration issues completion of the Peopling of Us Center following the damage sustained using Hurricane Sandy. Details of the events could in fact be read online at http://tinyurl.com/q531x34, plus Family Heritage Awards given to Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone 5 case, Patti Lu Pone and Henry Louis Gates Jr .., and the naturalization of eight newest American citizens.

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These events were is situated jurisdiction of the Statue of Freedom Ellis Island Foundation (SOLEIF), which have a most interesting website at http://tinyurl.com/orahuzw. For instance , one can learn more about the Wall in Honor on Ellis Island, which unfortunately currently has about 700, 1000 names on stainless-steel panels. That it is still possible to add an individual or a family's name to these panels for "all ethnicities, all years of arrival, the whole ports of entry, and all formats of travel... both living and moreover deceased. " I am proud to receive added the names of my familiar line (George Feistel family) and moreover maternal line (Christopher Borjes family) in time for the wall's unveiling present in 1990. (The price was scaled down then and it was a thrill come across their names on the wall when i visited. )

It has been estimated associated with almost half of all Americans possess ancestor who entered the You. S. at Ellis Island even though it was in operation from 1892 to be 1954. More than 12 million foreigners passed through the immigration station recently there. A recent article at http://tinyurl.com/p77fc8k speaks of such immigrant ancestors of eleven well-known Americans: Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Powell, Martin Scorsese, Mel Brooks, Cicely Tyson, The guy Namath, Mary Higgins Clark, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Yogi Berra and moreover Martha Stewart. For example , Bruce Springsteen's "grandfather, Anthony Zerilli, came through Ellis Island at the turn of the g unable to read or write, took him New York University, and became a lawyer. Our grandmother, Adele Sorrentino, arrived at Ellis Island when she was 37 years old and lived to be 90. "

Every family needs to have recognized immigration information documented in that family's history!

Henry Louis Gates Jr .. and Meaghan Siekman have in print a most helpful article, "Tips for Tracing an Ancestor Making use of a Common Name, " and it can be bought at http://tinyurl.com/pkkho8c. Anyone researching approved names such Smith or Williams could be helped by reading the company's advice.

Conservators and students age University of Texas have been facilitating flood victims salvage their heirlooms and documents following the devastating surges in that area. An article about their plans can be read at http://tinyurl.com/p5canb8, and moreover an important bit of advice is appropriate to be repeat here. "Wet papers photos, textiles, scrapbooks, books and other blando objects should be frozen, if possible, but not thrown out. "

A phone number and further tips and advice is available at the website.

According to a newly released article in Dick Eastman's Web based Genealogy Newsletter, the C. Electronic. Brehm Memorial Public Library present in Mount Vernon has purchased any kind of a building there to use for a Catalogue Annex facility, and intends to be "turn the site into a center to get an expanded genealogy department and a patron-access computer lab. " The Family tree Department will be much larger than in existing library, which is described at http://tinyurl.com/nhg4lwd. "The majority of the collection is available in direct checkout on interlibrary cash advance (ILL)... Current holdings include better 14, 750 volumes; 3, nine hundred microform. "

Queries, genealogical a few questions from researchers and genealogical resources readers would like to share will be printed inside of this column free. Joan Griffis could possibly reached via email at jbgriffis@aol. com or by sending any kind of a letter to Illinois Ancestors, c/o The News-Gazette, P. O. Penalty box 677, Champaign, IL 61824-0677.

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