Friday, August 21, 2015

Track This 774HP Hennessey Mustang GRAND TOURING Hit 207. 9 MPH! [VIDEO]

There are already the new slew of new go-faster parts for this marvelous 2015 Ford Mustang. However , do not require go faster than the latest HPE750 Mustang GT performance package courtesy of Hennessey.

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Just like every single generation most typically associated with Mustang that came before it, automotive aftermarket tuners are extremely receptive to the content articles model and are keen to make the used truck go even faster. For Hennessey, this means dropping a supercharger as a standard 2015 Ford Mustang GRAND TOURING with the 5. 0 liter Coyote machine.

The upgrades include a 2 . in search of liter Supercharger System, carbon fiber material high-flow air induction, upgraded fuel injections, upgraded fuel pump system, carbon fiber coilpack covers, stainless steel exhaust system, and modern gaskets and fluids. Hennessey will additionally take care of the tuning with an HPE engine management calibration, dyno fine tuning, and road testing.

After all each of our hardware, this is what you get: 774 horse power at 7, 000 rpm and consequently 648 lb. -ft. or twisy at 4, 400 rpm. 0-60 mph takes just 3. four seconds. A quarter mile from a standstill takes just 10. 9 seconds. After all, a video also shows the Hennessey HPE750 Mustang GT hit 207. 9 mph. Finally, stopping power in which to tame the speed is handled nearby a Brembo 15. 1-inch front braking upgrade.

Modifications by Hennessey Stage production aren't just under the hood anyways. The HPE750 Mustang GT way too features exterior mods including a CarbonAero front splitter, side sills, and consequently rear lip spoiler. A set of staggered H10 lightweight wheels (19-inches within the front, 20-inches in the rear) way too sets this special Mustang at bay. Inside, the interior features Hennessey stitched headrests and premium floor play mats.

Check out the Hennessey HP 750 Mustang GT's 207. 9 mph carried out in the video below:

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