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He quit his job to ride a bike around the world dressed as Superman

He quit his job to ride a bike around the world dressed as iPhone 5 Superman case

Despicable Me Minion Superman iPhone 5/5S Case

And the school teacher has quit your partner's job to spend five years rowing round the world dressed as a super-hero.

Will Hobson, 38, sold your partner's car and motorbike and walked down from his role as the year one teacher at a Town school to go on a globe trotting (should that be "globe peddling"? ) adventure. In total, he'll cover 100, 000 km spanning 8 continents – including Antarctica ~ before returning home in 2020.

Will now goes by the alias Serious Cycling Man (PA Real Life)

Will, from Bewdley, Worcestershire, wanted to say: "Of course it worries my family that I won't have a salary , be putting anything into my favorite pension pot for the next five long time, but it's one of those dreams Need to do before I get , the burkha old.

"I don't want to be lay in a retirement home regretting fail to going for it when I was a more radiant. I know some people may look at it plus think I'm having a mid-life inestabilidad, but a much nicer way of discovering things is that I'm going for my favorite dream. "

Will, now leaving by the alias Super Cycling Young man, has been a keen cyclist since having been 15, and has previously done complicated from from Tooting to Poultry in 2011.

In Armenia during your partner's last cycling tour (PA Substantial Life)

Originally, he planned to select the world "a little chunk recorded at a time" during the school summer vacation, but was having so much fun he wanted to dedicate the next five years returning to doing it full time.

He's travelling above touring bike, which he portrays as a "house on wheels. "

They said: "I'm towing all my apparatus along with me – wash protective sleeves, clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag. We have even got a pair of speakers returning to blast some Taylor Swift or other things that are I need to get me through the more durable days. "

In Istanbul as a result of his last cycling tour (PA Real Life)

After leaving greenwich on Sunday, Will cycled returning to Paris. He's now in Versailles, and will be heading to Istanbul via Amsterdam. Afterwards, he will pedal east returning to Tokyo, passing India's Taj Mahal en route.

He's planning to fit a new bike with specially equipped heavier tyres to safely navigate the icier climes.

When he arrives back in the THE UK in 2020, he will officially constitute first person to complete the round-the-world concern whilst dressed as a superhero.

Openly Will's doing the Superman case pose he / she he goes (PA Real Life)

Though he is not setting him or her self any strict time limits, that they aims to cover around 50km the first minutes of a date, giving himself ample time to search and sight-see.

Friends from all across have offered him a place to stay.

"I put out a plea and have acquired about 30 offers back thus far. People have been super hospitable, that is the nicest thing to see, " Will said.

He can even ride a bike over water (PA Real Life)

"Just the other day I got a message from the some friends in Singapore saying, when I do eventually reach the whole bunch in around two years time, Ahead of welcome to stay with them.

"Putting above costume day in, day out plus having a cape flap around during my face while I cycle can get any old, but mostly it's simply fun.

"It's a good way for people to learn straight away that I'm doing an item for charity, and gets the whole bunch chatting. "

Will at Bracket Teide in Spain (PA Real Life)

Will is aiming to raise £100, 1000 to be split between five charitable organizations – Parkinson's UK, the World Tumors Research Fund, World Bicycle Settlement, Sustrans, and WWF.

He definitely hopes his adventures will really encourage more young people to take up an interest located in cycling.

"I'm looking into getting a administering device. I feel a bit like Jason bourne with all these gadgets, but I assumed it would be great for getting kids used, " he said. "I understand them logging on to check location I am in the world, like Where's Wally?

He hopes to meet other bike riders along the way (PA Real Life)

"It would be amazing to get teachers plus pupils interested in cycling and understanding the world. "

Will's Super Bicycling Man blog will document a new epic challenge, and he said that they plans to create a video of the guy high-fiving strangers all over the globe.

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