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Do you often hear two statements: "I drink fat", "I am not eat as much meat", but these are not unfounded, but a congenital gene affects you.

United States psychology and the psychologist Sheldon (W.H. Sheldon) after long experimentation and research, found that people have three different physical (body type), while the three kinds of physical fitness for sports and diet are different.

Recently, the United States sports and fitness website against this theory, provides for three different physical fitness exercise and diet custom menus.

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Before the exercise, first understand their physical

Sheldon is divided into three types of people: the endoderm (endomorph), Ectodermal Dysplasia (Ectomorph) and embryo/sports (Mesomorph).

The endoderm-physical person, also known as "natural fat paper."

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This type of physique of metabolic rate slow and fatigue after exercise. In size, they all have the same or similar symptoms: chest wide, the joints of the body thick, hip and shoulder width, limb proportions of short and relatively smooth.

Ectodermal Dysplasia-physical person, it is all in the eyes of the "bamboo".

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This type of person very high metabolic rate, and more active thought and action. In size, an important feature of such people as: hip and shoulders are narrow, the joints of the body small, slender, slim proportion of limbs, chest flat.

Although the embryos tend to lack power, but their bones are lighter, longer limb proportions, can be better in the long run to maintain speed.

Embryo/physical education-physical person is in these three types of body and physical coordination of people, their metabolic rate is high, high content of natural muscle.

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The characteristics of such persons as: shoulders are wider than the hips, waist thin, small joints, muscle fibers are long and rounded. These people look not thin, but naturally more stout.

You might ask, that embryo "thick paper" is it possible to completely into ecto-or sports-oriented people?

Sheldon tells you, although genes cannot change, but through training and dieting, you can type from "thick paper" into muscle, or "bamboo", but should always pay attention to your diet and exercise.

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Different body shapes, how to determine fitness diet plan?

Endoderm physique


Constitution of the endoderm "thick paper" alone may be less attention to diet, fat accumulation of madness.

Therefore, aerobic exercise is the main direction of such persons, running, swimming and cycling are good choices.

Endoderm physique people recover faster, National Association of health fitness specialist James s. Fell, the first of such persons weight training and aerobic exercise intensity can be slightly larger:

Keep four days a week of weight training, group training interval does not take too long, 30 seconds to 45 seconds, so you can speed up the metabolic rate and aerobic training for two days.

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Catering menu:

James s. Fell recommendation endoderm physical person should eat small meals to maintain their shape. Every meal in the carbohydrate content in the 25%, 35% protein content, fat content is at 40%.

Not only that, but want to eat vegetables and drink plenty of fluids to increase satiety. After 7 o'clock, rejecting any carbohydrate intake. Such eating habits combined with training in the morning, there will be significant fat loss results.

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Ectodermal Dysplasia fitness


This person's goal is to increase the weight of their own and, therefore, cannot be used as the main method of aerobic training, because the rate at which they burn calories quickly.

James s. Fell recommends you choose the type of HIIT high intensity short break training, and slightly longer interval time, ensuring physical recovery.

Ectodermal Dysplasia physical person should not select at the outset of training, whether it's running or fitness, should be gradual, controlled within 1 hour of training time and stretch breaks at a time so as not to gut load is too large.

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Catering menu:

Experienced running coach Dan Harriman suggested that such people should eat dense foods such as almonds, avocado, peanut butter; carbohydrates in every meal to account for all the ratio of 50% to 60%.

In addition, to drink more milk, and occasionally eat a high fat diet, before going to bed can even eat some low calorie salmon, steak.

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Embryo/sports physical

Movement: Of the nine story Monster Tower is in the eyes

Coordination aerobic exercise and weight training is the best method of training. Professional fitness coach Jake Wayne proposal before weight training, first to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

This kind of people is in need of attention to training of the body, should be training more frequently replaced parts, because of their easy adaptability to training of muscle strength, thus reducing the effect of the training.

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Catering menu:

Such physical people sensitive to calorie, carbohydrate content should be kept at every meal 40%-60%. In addition, high intake of fruits and vegetables also help such people to maintain a healthy body and shape.

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