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Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life the first time still superior likes

Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life: the first time still superior, likes to be called titles

Guangdong Yangjiang prison district. This picture China visual material

They have powerful hot, but corruption became prisoners.

Walls within, they see anywhere spit not bath of prison friends, also will "robs"; face heavy of manual, they knowing health exclusion, supporting family find relationship expects "special care"; they is body stuck prison, but still good face desire was respect, most unwilling to heard "corrupt officials" this a title; "yiqian reign Shi phone ring a kept", Lok Ma Hou is little subordinates visit, some prison within corrupt officials feeling also is family most valuable......

These former high officials, Lok adapt to life inside the walls after you? In which there is no "special treatment"? In question, this reporter recently walked into centrally held positions in Guangdong Yangjiang prison interview made in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of this special group.

Post made an average age of 52 years old

Yangjiang prison is concentrated in Guangdong Province locked positions make the one of the six prisons. August 2013, Yangjiang prison set up positions to make prison, committed so far, a total of more than more than 200 positions being centralized reception here. Among them most was a section-level cadres, there are departmental level cadres. According to statistics, held in this position make Lok Ma ago to Department level cadres at and above the more than more than 50, at the level of more than more than 100.

These positions 70% above are committed in prison on charges of taking bribes, besides corruption 29%, misappropriation of 11%.

Compared to other types of offenders, post made ages generally larger, average age is 52 years old, maximum 75 years old, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 42%, there are a few people who were sentenced to life imprisonment or even execution.

Of superiority still exist in prison "committed many positions there will be official when the first thought. "The Yangjiang Prison Governor Huang Yue Group introduced their self-esteem is very strong, although imprisonment status has changed, but the superiority of superiority still exists, called by their prison's title like other criminals, led by the desire to be respected by prison guards and prison care, hoping to give them respect.

Yangjiang prison six, according to Qu Jian Chang Yang Jiannan memories, reported to the guards to squat when they are "bad". At one point, prison official held a forum committed, who committed a Virgin level cadre positions questioning guards on the spot: "why do we have to squat? "

2013 yiqian, positions made also no was concentrated custody, they was dispersed in all prison district, some also and murderer, and robber with live a prison homes, they playing heart in see not up this class prisoners, disdain and they company, if see other prisoners has anywhere spit or has perennial not bath, habits, they also knowing health abandon, some will public pointed out that other shouldn't such.

200 positions to make only 5 people in jail after divorce

"In the past dealing with applause and flowers, became a prisoner to know that family is the most valuable. "Zhanjiang city, 61, a former Secretary to Chen was moved to say, after the imprisonment of his clear" they don't abandon the only family ". Chen said that he has served for 1.5 years, but these days there is little old subordinates came to visit him, "before when the phone is ringing, met for lunch about to queue", are no longer their leader, can't do them a favor, "attitude is completely different. "

Chen now most desire is to "go out and see my family as soon as possible, and their reunion".

"Office feeling most strongly committed to their families. "The Yangjiang prison six Qu Jian Chang Yang Jiannan, among different categories of prisoners, family duty criminals who misses most, attachment and rupture of their families after their imprisonment and are small. The statistics, committed more than more than 200 positions, only 5 people in jail after divorce, it is lower than other types of prisoners.

Psychology: some because of the big gap between sentence tried to commit suicide

In accordance with the prison rules, prisoners of re-education through labour, job committed is no exception. But a heavy complex labor, job committed most of heart rejection.

Yangjiang prison six prison District Deputy prison Chang Wen Jinhuan said, some positions made of relatives because worried they in prison in worked will suffer, for trying to "supporting road", and "go relationship", expects get "special care", help they for post, and for jobs, but served personnel of jobs arrangements are has related provides, cannot casually replacement, this undoubtedly to prison management and law enforcement brings has larger effect.

Not just afraid of doing work, fall of many positions of identity change made it difficult to cross the hurdle. Yangjiang prison Chang Wen Jinhuan, Liu Jian, Deputy District Commissioner told reporters that compared to other prisoners, mental health positions made low, they had high-ranking positions are respected everywhere, ruined after prison, will undoubtedly have a strong sense of loss, they often get into helplessness, loneliness, pain, anxiety, plus duty criminals long sentences, and some even have thoughts of suicide.

Wen Jinhuan, for example, a former post as Executive Director of Guangdong Province making is this, to 20 years in jail, at first he was very pessimistic, always think about suicide.

Corrupt officials in Guangdong prison life: the first time still superior, likes to be called titles

Prisoners week recipes. Shandong Australian Ranch hundreds of dead cattle

Community: posts made no special treatments

But in prison, these functions as with other prisoners, have no special treatment.

Reporter in positions made prison homes in see, they live of is 12 people a between of collective prison homes, points upper and lower Pu hard bed, a people a shop, per person only allows has a transparent plastic box put things, not allows has extra debris, toilet and shower of place all in prison homes within, and interval are is transparent of, station in prison homes door on can glance.

In terms of food, duty criminals eat food all kitchen by other inmates by prison standards catering, absolutely does not allow relatives to send them food.

Although these positions are very eager to see his family, but the prison and no special arrangements for them a little more the opportunity to meet with their families. As with the other prisoners, duty criminals who meet once a month and his family, but they only talked by telephone through thick glass.

"Special place": work shop full of cultural atmosphere "If there are different, but also differ in the method of education. "The Yangjiang prison Chang Wen Jinhuan, Liu Jian, Deputy District Commissioner said, bringing reporters to the post to make work work shop.

Reporters saw a large workshop, hundreds of posts made in the busy hands of skilled work, if it is found that prison guards approach side, they instinctively stand up reports, prison guard instructions and then sit down to work, every move carefully.

Reporters found that the differences with the other prisoners in the workplace, job committed work shop full of cultural atmosphere, more than half of the area is the cultural activities in the workshop, posts made in this work-break exercises, you can also practice calligraphy and painting, and also set up a cultural exchange information column on the wall, posted a post to make my own writing famous aphorism, calligraphy and painting works are also excellent letter.

Get rid of labor day, duty criminals at the weekend also the opportunity for cultural exchange. It is understood that the prison special duties to make set up a painting group, choir, Tai Chi, folk music groups, so that they can be carried out on a regular basis on the weekend cultural activity.

Typical case

Lok officials Hwang: son can hold "happiest"

17th, coincides with the position's institutions open day, a mother and son attracted press attention. They stood outside the meeting venue early look, son of approximately 17 years of age, "this child I remember, he had been looking forward to touch his father's hand. "Yangjiang prison six prison District Deputy prison Chang Wen Jinhuan introduced, children named Kobayashi (pseudonym), he father yellow a had is name Mayor, this year early for bribery prison was sentenced has 10.5 years, a began, Kobayashi accept can't, are read three of he Centerless school, later through father in prison in the wrote exhortations and prison party times do thought work, Kobayashi finally figured has, returned to school.

"My parents! I am sorry! "When the father appears in front of you, and Kobayashi with open arms to his father clung to suddenly splash kneeling in front of his eyes. Huang sees busy lifting his son, a family of three hugged and wept bitterly. The small put his arm around his father's shoulders during a meeting with Lin to sit down, helping his father to open the water bottle and handed to his father's mouth, then put on the gloves and scarf for his father, repeatedly asked his father: "used to do? Are you cold? "Speak, Kobayashi has been holding his father's hand, while the father other hand busy helping Kobayashi's mother wiped tears ... ...

Hwang admitted that since the accident, "is worried that they will affect the child's future", see kids kneel down move, "both excited and humbled heart," now confident about his son, Hwang said, "today and took the son to son, is the most happiest thing for so many days. "

Fewer number of doctor "posts made in prison are very concerned about their body. "Chang Yang Jiannan introduce, Yangjiang prison six Qu Jian, than any other category, posts made to older, most people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions of aging. For this reason, they are very concerned about their own health, a little discomfort requires examination and treatment, "in the past to prison hospital out-patient doctor, more than 100 people a day were mostly post made. "

Now, however, post service greatly reduces the number of committed, they adapt the shop labor, rest time, actively participate in interest group. As stated in a post made at home book wrote, "every day now had a full show effort to complete tasks, rest you can read when you paint, I don't have time to think about the past, the body naturally better. "

It is understood that in order to exercise and duties make every day to practice Tai Chi, baduanjin, fixed twice during the day in the workshop and out of practice, returned to prison after she and before going to sleep at night, they do not forget more practice times. Yang Jiannan introduced over the past six months, declining rate of duty made the prison clinic 65.8%.

The daily schedule

From Monday to Friday

05:50 up, cleaning, breakfast

07:00 show

10:00 work-break exercises

Pack 11:30

12:00 lunch

14:00 show

Pack 17:30

18:00 dinner

19:00 news

21:00 cleaning

22:00 lights

Saturday: learning

Sunday: closed