Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stolen dogs in Guangxi was hit on two men dead and another wounded villagers

Stolen dogs in Guangxi was hit on two men dead and another wounded, villagers suspected victims salt into wound

Medical personnel arrived at the scene to rescue, one person died. Pictures from the Internet

According to upstream news on December 13, the gongcheng Yao autonomous county of Guangxi Lotus town with criminal cases, two men for stealing the dog into conflict with villagers. Ultimately to steal dogs 1 killed and 1 wounded. The afternoon of December 15, local police response to upstream news, said the case is under further investigation.

According to reports, the case took place on December 13, two men in the town of Lotus was discovered by villagers stealing dogs. Local forum and the exposure of the scene showed two men were stripped shirt. A stolen dog, his hands tied, and there stole the dog's Crossbow; another who stole the dog be covered with cuts and bruises, and sprinkled with white powder-like objects. According to local users, some salt into the wounds of the victims. Two persons riding a motorcycle were villagers burned to the ground.

The afternoon of December 15, Lotus Town police station in response to upstream News says the cases caused one death and one injury, gongcheng County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade has been responsible for the investigation, details could not be revealed.

This is not a conflict between locals and stealing a dog for the first time.

Just last year, two men, stolen dogs in gongcheng County of Sanjiang Township was found in the street, villagers from the 3 dead dog was found on the bus, local people in addition to the two men beaten outside, or take their cars smashed.

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Journalists found in the upper reaches, erupted a few years ago stole the dog on the ground were killed. 2009 November 9, 3 men riding motorcycles in lingchuan County Jing Yao zu Xiang stealing dogs, was discovered fled to the limuzhen stone village of gongcheng, by villagers chased and had to ditch the car and hid in the mountains. Subway breastfeeding party her husband restore

Later, lingchuan, guanyang, and three in gongcheng County, more than 500 villagers searched mountains, their catch. Subsequent scuffle, two stolen dogs were killed on the spot, and another person was injured and admitted to hospital.