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Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing Tsinghua University

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Fire started at second floor, Ho Tim building. This picture from the network

Yesterday around 10:10 A.M., Ho Tim building, Tsinghua University, room 231 fire accident. Tsinghua University, room 231 for the Chemistry Department laboratory, found a postdoctoral researchers, were killed, and the cause of the accident is under investigation. This reporter has learned, Tsinghua University Faculty of Science Department of chemistry, postdoctoral scholar in deceased Meng Xiang.

The incident

In the air pungent

About 10:10 A.M. yesterday, Tsinghua University, room 231, Ho Tim building burst into flames. Live pictures and video display, when the fire started, flames and black smoke continued rising from the window of the second floor, Ho Tim building, along with the "crackling" sound.

12:30, police and Ho Tim building surrounding area, good road blockade, Ho Tim building has been cordoned off, still filled with the pungent smell in the air. Scene dock more than public security, fire protection, environmental protection, monitoring of departmental vehicles, building fire has been put out.

Ho Tim building consists of three layers, with the old chemistry building connected by a passage. Fire station is located in the North of Ho Tim building second floor, room 231. 231 outdoor floor was blackened, Windows are broken, the ground littered with fragments of large laboratory.

Department of chemistry, many dressed in a lab coat, students and teachers gathered outside the cordoned off. They said due to the evacuation of the emergency, carry-on items in the laboratory, part of the experimental equipment has not yet been closed.

A chemistry student introduces 231 lab is divided into one large and one small area, the two regions separated each other. The time of the incident, 231-room a number of experimenters. Besides Meng Xiang was alone in small experiments outside of the region, the rest of the people in the region. At that time, the bench suddenly open fire, a gust of smoke jumping and spreading rapidly. "The experimenter were to run out, but never thought he (Meng Xiang) still inside. "Escape the lab, he heard a loud noise coming from the House," sound like a drum falling. "

Unattended outside the cordon of security, the time of the incident, Ho Tim building surrounded by a lot of smoke, around visibility is very poor. "Pungent smell constantly drifting and feel Qi on the breath. "He heard a cleaning lady from the 2-storey window and climbed down, and students are forced to work from the smoke, but most teachers and students from the channel from the Department of chemistry building evacuated the scene.

Haidian fire protection said fire sent a squadron to disposal. Why add room 231, 3-room fire, covering 80 square meters.

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Police sealed off and Ho Tim building, pulling up a cordon, exploration staff out of the building.

Disposal River border town outside the Catfish is the garbage

Experiment in the building this week suspended

Twitter user said his Tsinghua high school, away from the scene of more than 100 meters. The time of the incident, issued a loud bang shook the ground tremble. High school International Department the return of outdoor student teaching building and close the doors and Windows.

After the incident, Dean of Tsinghua University said in a statement, "originally scheduled for this week in the old chemistry Museum, Ho Tim upstairs to suspend all of the experiments. "School staff revealed that" at least until next Monday to restore power in the building. "

Tsinghua University said yesterday about 10:10 A.M., Department of Chemistry (Ho Tim building) second floor lab fire, killed one postdoctoral researchers. Timely evacuation of teachers and students in the building, personnel have been evacuated from around. Investigation and found no other casualties. Around 12 o'clock and end on Ho Tim building, Haidian District Environmental Protection Bureau around the upper hand area, area downwind air monitoring no monitoring of harmful gases, air condition. Ho Tim building the north side of the ground in the fire-fighting water accumulated in the process, taking into account the laboratory has conventional chemicals, water may cause harm to the environment. School of water before filling with sand cover, professional bodies focus on collection and handling to prevent possible pollution directly into the sewers. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

The deceased

Next week to teach at Nanjing signed

A little after 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Anhui fellow countryman Mr Meng Meng Xiang arrived at the scene. Mr Meng said, "our father is a colleague, the two had a good relationship. "Meng Xiang, born in 1983, Xiao County, Anhui, and is the eldest son of the family. Bangladesh has a brother and a sister, brother is Dr, taught at Tianjin University.

A little after 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Meng Xiang from Tianjin to the families arrived on the scene. His mother nearly six years old, Yin cried Meng Xiang's name. Meng Xiang's sister-in-law said, two or three in the afternoon, Meng Xiang schools inform their families were killed, "does not explain the whole story." Family seen last week, "as soon as he's free to Tianjin to watch us. "The night before the incident, call home," said to be admitted by a University in Nanjing, next Monday to sign up to teach, but for this to happen. "On this, she once again choked.

Meng Xiang see brother said they were farmers ' families. Mothers for sons, five or six o'clock, out selling eggs a day, nearly 10 points to go home at night. Meng Xiang see another friend, Mr LAU said, "Bangladesh hard all the way, the outstanding, can be said to be xueba. "Meng visited Singapore Nanyang University doctorate, worked there for his brother to read Dr. Last June, after Meng entered Tsinghua University for his doctorate, apprenticed to Professor Liu Lei. Being busy with their studies, has never married. Public information, Meng Xiang is the second issue of CLS post-doctoral Fund 2014 recruits.

6:20 P.M. around, picked up two car families, Tsinghua University.

Explosions killed postdoctoral was scheduled to teach at Nanjing, Tsinghua University, his mother sold eggs for their education

Taking into account the water produced in the fire, which may contain chemicals, staff to filling with sand covering the water.


1. the alarm is sensitive in the building?

Media reports said a chemistry teacher, Ho Tim building alarm systems for many years all have problems.

Beijing reporter interviews a chemistry teacher. It says, when he was 3 floors of Office. After the crash, alarm soon sounded in the building, "the school will organize 2 fire drills every year, siren encountered smoke will go off." Yesterday at about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, reporters heard the alarms inside the building was still buzzing.

2. the tert-butyllithium is?

Media reports said Meng Xiang in dealing with tert-butyllithium spill accidents.

Related data show that highly flammable lithium tert-butyl, storage needs with dry nitrogen.

Chemical engineer he said, tert-butyllithium, an organic metal compounds, used in the chemical industry with highly active catalyst. The substance air is prone to spontaneous combustion, water hydrolysis reaction can also occur. "These kinds of highly reactive compounds, both in the laboratory and in the industrial enterprises, there should be a dedicated storage space. "

Mr Su said, in the laboratory, the storage of the substance is generally small, "should someone specifically, access, the return must be registered". In addition, access to the compound, also need to be carried out under strict conditions of protection. If the material is exposed to the air, prone to danger.

3. whether there are emergency plans for schools?

On August 31 this year, the Ministry of education has issued the notice on the University laboratory hazardous materials safety self-inspection, asked education departments at all levels to carry out scientific research in colleges and universities laboratory hazardous materials safety self-examination and rectification work. Self focus is accountability mechanisms, quality operation and management systems and infrastructure up and running, training, good safety practices waste dangerous goods and laboratory processing, emergency plans to establish six items.

Tsinghua University said that after the incident, the schools fire accident investigations, safety, environmental protection and other sectors, and contact with students ' families deal with the aftermath of death, the convening of meetings setting a security check and do the follow-up work. Above are the contents of the emergency plan.

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