Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Jiangxi junior girls school was besieged by 5 in the face 11 feet Bureau of

On December 1, Dongxiang, Jiangxi Fuzhou Bureau staff to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) said the recent network "kick Dong Xiang Yi schoolgirls in Wai student" allegations, given the perpetrators are minors to education, and arrange for psychological counseling the students, the County will be implemented for this type of violence focused on troubleshooting Combs.

Time clock 2 minutes 12 seconds of video displays, in the hallway, a yellow coat woman in a pink jacket woman repeatedly beaten face, surrounded around the sidelines and booing from time to time, then rushed out of two women in the crowd of yellow-clad female feet kicking, pulling hair, and kicked to the ground. A ticket to the dongji islands of Zhoushan real

Throughout the process, the yellow-clad woman was slapped by 5, 11 feet by kicking during beating woman smiled from time to time.

On December 1, the surging Dongxiang County, Fuzhou City Education Bureau told news, Internet video has in fact occurred at Dongxiang in the second, beating for third grade students, was hit with the students. At present, after contacting the Bureau of education and the school have been met by the parties, the attacker apologized to the students, students expressed their willingness to accept the apology appeared in the video is currently in regular classes for students.

The staff complement for beating students, schools are working on solutions. "As both parties are minors, treatment education and we will be guided. "It says, for the students, the school has arranged psychological teacher of their psychological counseling. Next, Dongxiang County Education Bureau of investigation combed the County schools, and strive to prevent recurrence of similar incidents of school violence.