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Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin was rescued

Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin, was rescued and his colleagues said boy was

Guo Qiang family members.

Official the Tianjin daily news 117 new digital media news Twitter @ 117 news, December 5, at 1 o'clock, Shandong boy Guo Qiang in Xiqing District, Tianjin, district commit suicide to save his colleagues before jumping into the River, rescue colleagues unfortunately drowned. Guo Qiang families very angry is that Guo Qiang is clearly saving lives sacrificed, but rescued his colleagues and two other parties initially Guo Qiang families and police insist that he commit suicide because of emotional problems, until people give testimony, changed three talent Guo Qiang was also innocent. What is the reason for the incident and confusing?

Saving people still commit suicide? Confession day "two changes"

Shandong young man to save colleagues unfortunately drowned in Tianjin, was rescued and his colleagues said boy was

Guo Qiang living pictures.

2:33 December 5, Guo Qiang Zhang Xiaoxu table brother-in-law received a phone call: Guo Qiang fell into a river, you come. Calling the colleagues Guo Qiang Liu, he said, Guo Qiang was bringing them home the middle of something. Site is a female colleague in the evening dinners three colleagues home.

Jiao Li Yu Guo Qiang and Zhang Xiaoxu's cousin arrived one after another. Another colleague, Xiao JI, said Guo Qiang, Guo Qiang mood in the evening was wrong, despite the block jumped off a bridge to commit suicide, he and Liu hurriedly trying to rescue, but failed to save up Guo Qiang. About 4 points, Guo Qiang's body was brought ashore. They followed police to the police after West Green station yangliuqing East police station compound.

Zhang Xiaoxu said police feedback at first, Guo Qiang's three colleagues said he volunteered to jump, but the police raises questions about some details, hope Zhang Xiaoxu, families can find Guo Qiang's friends about his living conditions and mental health.

Guo Qiang Zhang Xiaoxu, who found his contact with many friends reflect not found exception, Guo Qiang a friend also testified in person to the police station. Zhang Xiaoxu remembered the incident happened in front of a community, we may be able to find the witness, she returned to the scene. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, he finally found the witnesses – live at River Cottage chef LAU, master Liu confirmed that actually saw the man overboard that night, someone to rescue. Zhang Xiaoxu quickly told police the clue. Anhui Hefei version bird s nest coming soon at

Under the testimony of many witnesses, a 180 ° turn. Later Guo Qiang colleagues admitted that initiative to commit suicide instead of Guo Qiang, Xiao JI, Guo Qiang he dived to save drowning.

Parties: we lied, asking forgiveness

December 6 in the afternoon, the reporters came to why don't the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Bridge on the West side of the scene. Guardrails are installed on both sides of the River, and the sign is set, the bar is not high, adult jumping over embankments on both sides are slopes but steep. Across the River, there is a hut, only more than 10 meters from the site straight away. The time of the incident, lived in the House of master Liu saw the man overboard, rescue, it was too dark, and he couldn't save people who are, but recognition of saving is sure to exist.

In an interview, Zhang Xiaoxu provided reporters with a copy of the recording. Recording, I can clearly hear that mediation by the police, Liu, Xiao JI and another woman said had lied, and admit to Guo Qiang family, asked for forgiveness.

Is willing to save victims, colleagues why at first strong anti-Guo "active jump"? Reporters found Guo Qiang died saving little draw. "Please don't ask, I hate to say this (cause). I want to do now, is sent her brother to go final leg, helped him recover his reputation. "

Xiao JI said that he finds it necessary to have thoughts of suicide, draws back the door and the car climbed over a fence and jumped into the river. "I sank into the water, feet on the ground, jumped Guo Qiang and save me. I was saved to the Bank safe, turn to when going to see him again, I tried to save him, but the water is not up to my neck, I have no choice. "Xiao JI said he and Guo Qiang know time is not long, but each other as brothers, Guo Qiang helped him not only economically, also brought him back home.

Another party Liu crying tears in an interview. "Guo Qiang is a particularly loyal brothers, if I do not say that these (things), I mentally, you never forgive myself. "Liu said before the incident, they eat with 5 colleagues in this plan to sing, one of them didn't go, Guo Qiang about the friend didn't eat with them, and the next morning to the KTV find music, arrived at the scene near the end, we decided to send female colleague Xiao Cao home. Dispute with Xiao JI and Xiao Cao female colleagues on the way, due to the earlier had a similar situation, he and Guo Qiang began and didn't care, until they learn who jumped into. When he climbed over a guardrail, gripped the railing, Xiao JI. Because he could not swim, not the river. Guo Qiang and Xiao Cao on the other side of the fence took him by the hand, see Xiao JI is in danger, Guo Qiang would jump in to save him. When a reporter asked why at first, Guo Qiang family and police say when Guo high jump, Liu is silent, said after the termination interview.

Police: according to the Declaration of "the good Samaritan"

On December 6, the reporters came to yangliuqing East police station responsible for handling the case. Police said the case is further processed, details not be released, but they have been prescribed for Guo Qiang declared "righteous".