Friday, December 25, 2015

Henan people select auspicious license plates DMV is going to withdraw Not familiar

Henan people select auspicious license plates DMV is going to withdraw? Not familiar with civilian police operations disposed of

Jiaozuo city DMV "DMV online" on a number of convenient services

Selection of good VIN can also be found the DMV gives you go back? Henan province, two owners choose two lucky license plate number through formal channels, but did not last long, it received notification from the DMV, said the license plate number wrong, need they choose to license plate numbers change over the time limit.

On December 24, jiaozuo city, DMV officials said acted as civilian police of the province eliminated yellow tagged car policies are not familiar with, business is not fine, the error only appears, at present, two officers involved had been punished. Pick the lucky brand of car 2 owners already in use new license plate number.

"Event" two members of the public selected two good license plate, but was asked to return for re-election

Things to say from a few months ago, in September this year, jiaozuo Persky to local DMV for their new cars. At that time, he adopted the "à la carte" approach was selected to "Yu H66996" grades.

But before long, jiaozuo city DMV phoned, mistake when issuing license plates, license plate owners already in use, he changed the license plate. Persky enquiry found that this number has been cancelled, so no promises.

Was in September, Mr Tse also had something similar in jiaozuo. He passed the "à la carte" approach was selected to "Yu H81888". After selecting this morning, got a call from the DMV in the afternoon, said the system is upgraded, the vehicle identification number is the original owners are still using, asked Hsieh to return the license plate alternative.

Moreover, the DMV also commissioned the local police station and village officials took turns in jiaozuo came by selling, and Hsieh issued the notification of inform, asked him to go before November 17 to the DMV license plate change, otherwise it will force change.

Then, Mr Tse found the license plate number was excuse to lock away.

Mr Tse showed reporters the stamped "jiaozuo public security traffic police detachment the DMV" official notice of the informed, above praise in the DMV, irregular working hours and his pards tube when the system is upgraded, we chose "Yu H81888" license plate.

"Explaining" that civilian police are unfamiliar with cancellation yellow tagged car business in our province Restaurant fire killed 17 people in Wuhu accident

Reporter learned that, in October 2007, Henan province, provincial Department of public security promulgated the self-made Flexi number plate interim provisions on the administration of motor vehicles, motor vehicle owners can make their own choice of their favorite number plates of vehicles, in order to eliminate motor vehicle plate black-box problem.

Provincial traffic Police Corps also ordered: around the city to strictly enforce relevant provisions must not be specified, auction and set aside, on account of illegal operation of civilian police and related personnel will be severely punished according to law.

24th, jiaozuo city DMV officials explained that when this happens, the provincial traffic police corps, jiaozuo City Public Security Bureau Commission for discipline inspection, jiaozuo public security traffic police has been involved in the investigation, having carefully reviewed the relevant provisions and the original owners of vehicles after archives found that two plates of the original vehicles are all yellow tagged vehicle.

May 13 introduced in the Office of the provincial Government of Henan province in 2015 out yellow tagged car programme, 268,775 yellow tagged vehicles out of tasks to be completed in the province this year, and around the city to release the phase-out mandates. Among them, be eliminated this year to 5,986 yellow tagged car, jiaozuo city.

According to this scheme, the two car brands of original vehicles no longer have to continue using "Yu H66996" and "Yu H81888" grades of qualifications, so it cancelled its license plate number, log off the plates would automatically enter the "selected, the resource pool" jiaozuo Persky and Hsieh to be elected to both the vehicle identification number.

So, why does DMV "recovered" two car number? The official said the civilian police of the province for specific business yellow tagged car out of work are not familiar with, business mastery, cause defects and faults in the work. As a rule, yellow tagged car be written off later, original owner shall promptly apply for scrap vehicle and his or her driving license and car number plates to the DMV for scrap procedures, and the original owners failed to do so, and has continued to use the license plate.

According to regulations, the same license plate number cannot be nuclear issue two or more motor vehicle owner, so just inform notices on Xiang Pang and Mr Xie.

"Results" DMV has to apologize to the people, the two plates in use

Reporters found that this thing after Twitter started, many people suspect that the DMV is not deliberately withheld "lucky number".

In this regard, jiaozuo city, DMV officials said, the Institute has been in accordance with the requirements of the provincial public security department to implement optional the vehicle identification number of the relevant provisions, Persky and Hsieh were selected through on-demand system to a lucky license plate number, as evidenced from which no one trapped.

According to reports, at present, two civilian police officers involved have been punished, one was removed from the DMV, a cancelled the annual assessment, and unfitting.

The official said, has been with the two brands of original owners to communicate well, its original license turned in as soon as possible, he or she agrees. The DMV has apologized to Mr PANG and Mr Tse called and explained.

On December 24, the owner Mr Tse said, the DMV does call apologized, and told him that license plate number in use.