Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Shenyang zero down payment house tour of the new deal officials say not to have

Shenyang purchase "zero down payment" policy experience tour. Li Xunlei what did I see in Central Bank liquidity

March 1, 10:36, Shenyang municipal party Committee propaganda Department official Micro-Blog "Shenyang publishing" news release, said Shenyang municipal government "about supporting colleges and secondary vocational schools housing students and new graduates. On graduation for more than 5 years of College, graduates of secondary vocational schools in Shenyang to purchase housing, housing policy support, Provident Fund deposit time decreased from 6 months to 3 months in a row, down-payment requirements imposed "zero down payment" policy "is still in the research phase, not to have issued conditions.

Earlier in the day, the Executive Office of the Shenyang city people's Government on the promotion of the implementation of the healthy development of the real estate market (for trial implementation) (hereinafter referred to as the opinions) released.

The views: a total of 22 measures, including the aforementioned encourage students, vocational students buy content.

In addition to the aforementioned tweets mention "zero down payment", also the opinion of University and secondary vocational school students to purchase real estate, given incentives of 200 yuan per square meter. Meanwhile, purchases by colleges and secondary vocational school students, new graduates, grant deed full subsidies.

One of the background of the Shenyang Municipal Government launched to encourage policies, housing inventory.

On February 29, the Pan Liguo Shenyang Mayor chaired a meeting, as a regional center in Shenyang, stressed the need to improve the absorptive capacity of the city to the surrounding population, improve the structure of housing supply and demand, promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market in Shenyang.

Pan Liguo pointed out that high real-estate related degree, strong driving force, is an important pillar industry of Shenyang. In recent years, Shenyang real estate market maintained a steady development momentum, but there are still structural problems, in order to further improve the structure of housing supply and demand, digestion and real estate stocks.

According to keerrui data, in January, the Shenyang commercial housing sold 703,600 sqm total turnover 7923, ASP 5841 Yuan per square meter, down 5.12%.

Views set the target of this year, Shenyang to achieve sales of commercial property rose 10%, inventory control at a reasonable interval to cycle, prices run stable, strive to 2-3 years, Shenyang real estate market structure to reach the equilibrium of supply and demand.

To this end, the Shenyang land supply, infrastructure and support building and provident loan policies, support public housing. Meanwhile, through policy guidance, encourage talent, college graduates, migrant workers and other groups to buy Shen settled in.

In addition, the opinion also proposed a series of initiatives to reduce second-hand House transaction taxes, including the transfer of second-hand houses to pay business tax, individual income tax after implementing the first fill. Resident Exchange houses, the "zero-tax" policy free of transaction fees, property rights registration fee, pay the deed tax, business tax, personal income tax levying and fill. Support to improve the housing conditions, within one year after the first buy sell or sell before you buy a House, buy real estate area is larger than the sale of house property area, according to the differential area subsidy of 50 Yuan per square meter.

Is not clear at the moment referred to the opinion of other policies would continue.