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Microsoft CEO VR Device consumption HoloLens have to wait 5 years

Microsoft CEO:VR Device consumption HoloLens have to wait 5 years

  On September 20, impatient want to speedy experience VR equipment HoloLens tech fans will have to wait, and by 2020, it will not become a consumer product.

  On the Dreamforce Salesforce's annual event, Microsoft CEO sadiya·Nadela (Satya Nadella) talked about the use of HoloLens and indicates that the product's overall development time for "for a period of at least a 5-year journey". While at the same time he also brought a message of relatively good news, it's developers, at the very earliest in 2016 to get a prototype model.

  HoloLens a VR is a Microsoft product, it combines holographic virtual reality and real life. For example, through this product, my world (Minecraft) enthusiast can build up in their living room pixelated universe as a whole, or photographer will be possible on the city to cover the old frame. If you can dream, no less.

  For developers, the most exciting of all Microsoft Windows 10 will also support the HoloLens. CEO Nadela said HoloLens needed further development in order to ensure perfect movement control.

  Microsoft is committed to creating the Pegasus HoloLens because the company understand the enormous potential of such equipment, especially in the corporate market. HoloLens show people help improve efficiency in an unusual way. It is easy to see in the future, how it will help architects and urban planners to design better, how can we help doctors studying patients ' unusual organization, or how the pilots will receive Boeing aircraft in half the time a complete training experience. Hello Kitty Note 4 Case

  This April, Microsoft shows the parameters of HoloLens and part of its function, but as the company said it also needs to be improved. The differing views about this, it was indicated that they could not understand, some people think that this device does still exist some obvious flaws.

  It is reported that the first generation of HoloLens will be aimed at the professional market rather than ordinary consumers. This means that the equipment would also be unified, but if we had similar equipment to what lessons Microsoft learned, it is that nothing is perfect. Hello Kitty Note 4 Cases

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