Friday, March 11, 2016

4 4 magnitude quake in yuncheng Shanxi Province 3 people were injured and some

4.4-magnitude quake in yuncheng, Shanxi Province: 3 people were injured and some houses damaged

China earthquake quick report Twitter screenshots

News Network, March 12 in the Yellow River, according to China's seismological network determination, Beijing time on March 12, 2016 11:14 28 seconds in yanhu district, yuncheng city, Shanxi province (35.00 degrees north latitude, longitude 110.90) 4.4-magnitude earthquake, the focal depth of 5 km, yanhu district from the city 10 kilometers from the epicenter.

After the earthquake, the China Seismological Bureau, provincial government officials for the first time, give directions Seismological Bureau of Shanxi province, the prompt start of the four-level earthquake emergency response, led by Tian Yong, Deputy Director of the task force on 21 people have been rushed to the earthquake area, flow monitoring, seismic surveys and other emergency work carried out.

Early award of earthquake faults in yuncheng basin, the southern margin of the Northern foot of zhongtiaoshan fault. Since instrumental records and recorded history, around the epicenter occurred within the 50km earthquake of magnitude 4 or above 10 times, including: 6.0-6.9 magnitude 2 times, 5 times 5.0-5.9-magnitude, 4.0-4.9 magnitude 3 times, the largest earthquake on October 23, 1815 in pinglu, Shanxi 6.75-magnitude earthquake.

Yanhu district, yuncheng city, felt, linyi, xiaxian, yaodu district of linfen city, and Houma, Gu, he having felt. As of 12:14, longju town of yanhu district, yuncheng city, 3 people were injured and some houses damaged. Provincial Seismological Bureau is closely monitoring earthquake, please maintain the normal production and life order.

Tip: an earthquake what should we do

Hiding principle of earthquake

A good shock conditions, indoor, to preferred room. Building earthquake-resistant ability, as much as possible from the Interior to run out. Can form a "triangle of life spaces" where is the best place to escape. Such as bearing walls, next to the refrigerator in the corner, solid furniture side, kitchen, toilet, storage room, open a small place. Crisis can also choose table, bed, heads next to its knees, allow the head to below the height of bed and table, and pillows and cushions to protect the head as possible so that you can more effectively to avoid collapsing objects on the harm to the human body, such as escaping after the main shock. Never choose a balcony or near an outside wall of the shelter, because from the actual earthquake, many buildings outside the walls eventually collapse, but retained.

Second, look for place to form a triangular space. Such as kitchen, bathroom, small room, but as far as possible away from stoves, gas pipes and broken dishes away. In addition, do not get in the Cabinet or box, once you drill into, will certainly lose the initiative, not only will miss a chance to escape, not to be saved.

Three unfired, near water, and do not rely on outside. Once trapped, trying to get in touch with the outside world, apart from using a mobile phone connection, or by tapping on pipes and radiators, or turn on the flashlight uses sound and light way to contact.

The safest space rank:

First name: toilet;

Second place: the kitchen;

Third place: bearing walls under foot;

Fourth place: under the iron, solid wood bed.

Ranked most dangerous space:

First name: living room;

Second place: large bedrooms;

Third place: under non-load-bearing walls;

Fourth place: under the wardrobe, and nailed to the wall cabinets.

Auto Hide on seismic principles

During an earthquake, the least secure in the car. Hide earthquakes in a car is a dangerous practice, automotive steel is not high enough to withstand falling objects of any strike, a lot of people were in the car were crushed alive, so if you were in the car when the earthquake, relatively safe places are:

Car side: are quakes hold on to the seat handrails to prevent collisions. The other passengers, using hands, hiding in the one side of the body, waiting for the Park to avoid.

Non-intersection: Park your car by the roadside and opened two flashing emergency lights.

The open air driving quickly away from highways, flyovers, Poles, dams, tunnels, and other places.

Between the two: in the traffic-clogged roads, quickly got off to Voldemort in the space between the two cars.

Hide the Office principles of earthquake

Earthquake came, as office workers are most concerned about in the Office where the safest?

The safest place ranking:

First name: office building around the elevator, because this place is made of reinforced concrete casting. 200 people in two villages in Jiangxi deception

Second place: next to the post office, most of these columns are load-bearing, the material is good, strong loading capacity.

Third: the bathrooms.

Fourth place: next to tables and chairs.

Ranked the most dangerous places:

First name: Open Office space.

Second: under non-load-bearing walls.

School hiding principle of earthquake

Hiding under the bed, under the table from Japan to experience one of the, but this will have to take into account Japan's reality--mostly past their house wood, collapses after crush injury is unlikely. But most of our houses are concrete prefabricated structure, crush force is very strong after the collapse. Therefore, the experts suggested that the earthquake came, is the classroom the students not to run out of the classroom, should quickly heads in bags to protect his head, eyes closed, hiding at his desk until after the earthquake, under the teacher's direction to transfer outside the classroom; in the playground and outdoor, stationary squat, hands to protect your head. Keep away from tall buildings or dangerous material; don't return to their classrooms.

Store hid principle of earthquake

When the earthquake came, maybe you are in the supermarket, Mall, shop. At this time is the most safe place: the Mall around the load-bearing columns, under the low, no glass containers. Are the most dangerous places: outdoor bridge, overpass above and below the curtain walls of buildings, large billboards, light material. The glass counters in supermarkets, shopping malls, tall shelves around the escalator below, under the chandelier, hanging objects such as fans.

Outdoor-level footbridge

More complete earthquake shelters, is tantamount to disaster after a dose of "tranquilizer". At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Shenzhen and other places have built more of the city's emergency shelters. Therefore, we should be aware of their own, work, school, near the location of emergency shelters. Two experts advise: en route to the shelter, do not take the bridge, bypassing the high under the chimney and water tower; avoiding dangerous material, such as telephone poles, street lamps and transformers; avoid narrow streets, walls, under the awning. Way should be leather or soft object on his head and didn't take something free hand on your head, as well as self defense.