Sunday, March 20, 2016

To get rid of large plastic title LG G5 metal sleeve

Although LG G4 release time is not long, but now has new messages on LG G5 have begun to appear, according to the latest rumors, LG G5 is equipped with equipped with an iris scan, USB Type-C interface, fingerprint sensor, mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor as well as Google's latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow system.

Needs even more attention is that the LG G5 not only retains the detachable battery has been designed, and will use the slots at the bottom of a new design, this design would make LG G5 2016 one of the most popular models. As for the release dates, from Poland news t-mobile, LG new flagship will likely debut in the second quarter.

Release time

Different from other smartphone makers, LG for a new flagship publication time, still wasn't sure, so not easy to guess G5 release date. But for now, the LG will likely make his flagship appearance with competitors in the same time period.

DKNY for iPhone 6 plus

In the first half of this year, including Sony Xperia Z6 and Galaxy S7 will be released, and we believe LG G5 will be released during this period. Despite the news that the MWC in February is the flagship LG releases new best practice, but from Poland's t-mobile operator revealed that the time period of April to June is the LG released the G5.

New features

Compared with the 2015 G4, LG G5 will have many improvements, including flagship mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor and the latest Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow is a must have feature. Meanwhile, as USB Type-C interface for fingerprint recognition, Iris scans, and looked forward to for a long time, should also appear in the G5 's body.


At present, not much news about LG G5 screen, so there was no correct answer. G4 is equipped with a 5.5-inch IPS display at a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, while many manufacturer's flagship device screens are about 5.5 inches, especially iPhone 6s Plus. In December last year the news that LG will provide 5.6-inch screen of the G5, and remained for the QHD-level resolution, such statements are still quite reasonable.

Although LG organic G5 4K resolution, and the effect is very essential for virtual reality, but the possibility of the G5 is not significant. Sony has now introduced the 4K resolution of Xperia Z5 Premium, but seemed to have little market response.

According to the latest message, LG officials published a leaflet before the G5, G5 supports "Always ON" display mode, without having to open the screen the user can read the notice, including missed calls, messages, mail, etc.

Addition, a paragraph name for Quick Phone Cover of LG G5 dedicated metal material protection sets also first exposure, reportedly it is by bright surface metal texture of unique film made, positive design has a small window, can using LG G5 by has of "Always ON" of new characteristics, in window Shang displayed full of time, and date, and not received calls, and SMS, and and schedule, information notification.

Worth noting is that the LG G5 case also has a unique feature, which is support the touch function, users can not directly cover opening slide to answer the call or hang up the phone. However, being not aware of the case of the specific price and release date.


Sources recently said in an interview on The Verge, LG is currently developing the next generation of flagship, the G5, G3, G4 before and the difference is, LG styles before the G5 will not last, instead of using the new design, and are distinct from most of the Android smartphones on the market. DKNY for iPhone 6 plus

Of course, on the operating system, since the Android system, but significantly different in design, news that LG will adopt a new slot at the bottom of the design. It is reported that this slot will be used at the bottom of cartridge design, and allows user to replace the battery, but are limited to only replace the battery function, is also uncertain. But anyway, this design was enough for G5 to become the new focus of attention.

G5 before another change is in the back of the volume button again to move to the side, back to Smartphone design style. And such a change is to give the G5 dual camera ready. Although everything is rumor stage, but at least we can be sure of is that the G5 will be the first all-metal design, and this has been confirmed.

Camera DKNY iPhone plus

There is a group called LG G5 prototype photo was, although this prototype machine was wrapped in a black casing, that we do not see any brand identity, but there are some clues that prove it is LG G5. First, the Reddit Forum, one user a month ago had claimed to have a camouflage enclosure LG G5, and exposed to the local photo of a cell phone.

After the contrast can be seen, this spy photos of picture with this exposure are very similar, and who say G5 is equipped with two rear-facing camera, 16 million and 8 million pixels respectively-and this also coincides with the equipment shapes in the picture. In addition, we have also seen some time ago for G5 rendering and design diagrams, they also and is very similar to the spy photos.

Other than the camera, this phone in the rest of the hardware elements are also consistent with earlier reports, including the volume keys return to the side, Micro SD card slot and SIM card tray located in the bottom position of the right side of the fuselage, and speakers USB Type-C interface is located in the bottom of the fuselage.


Configuration, LG flagship models representative of the G5 will become the mainstream in 2016, including mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, 3GB RAM and storage space will appear on the LG 32GB fuselage G5 's body.