Thursday, March 31, 2016

A charity cemetery in XI an embarrassment cold case the tomb of 5 000 operating

XI ' an, China Youth online, March 31, Xian City, Shaanxi Province, a tomb has 5,000 public charity cemetery, buried only 3 people – recently, the XI ' an city, caused widespread concern about reports in the local media. This tomb has 5,000 Fengqi of charity cemetery, is located in XI Feng Qi mountain of terrestrial cultural Memorial Park, where mountains and water, transport facilities, can be arrived in half an hour's drive from downtown. However, while the masses generally reflected for a long time, "death", "can't afford to bury", the other side of it is public welfare cemeteries "help wanted." 19 year old college student with the scam telephone

Green online journalists in an interview in China Youth daily found that China is vigorously advocated promoting the public welfare cemeteries, in the face of public embarrassment when choosing "cold case." In this regard, the Administration and industry insiders said: change this situation depends on the public "practice" traditional concepts of change.

Three years ago, to address common people "funeral expenses" issue, introduced in the first file, Shaanxi Province, pushing the construction of city public cemetery. With them, a series of measures following the implementation.

"Feng Qi charitable Cemeteries" project, that is, in this context, by the Shaanxi Provincial charity Association Agreement signed with Feng Qi mountain humane Memorial in May 2015, invested 60 million Yuan to build 5,000 small cells. The implementation deadline for the 20-year project, plans to accept number less than 260 people every year.

"Charitable service groups, which are limited to XI ' an city ' three noes ' staff, rural, ' wubaohu ', policyholders and other poor people. "Feng Qi mountain humane Wang Rong, Deputy Director of the Memorial, told reporters that these charity free land, materials, construction, management, and facilities fee, only pay 3000 RMB 20-year cycle of care. For particularly difficult, can be exempted from all charges. Meanwhile, the charity application procedures are extremely simple: as long as the Community issue relevant certificates, you can check in directly to the cemetery.

Such a good policy, why only 3 people were buried? Wang Rong, said charity cemetery project agreement signed last May, began running at the end of last year, "running time is very short," now put 3 per capita for burial before the Spring Festival. In addition, the preferential policies of this project is not widely known to all, also leads to less people know.

"The main reason is because of insufficient psychological acceptability of charity, public cemetery. "This statement in Shaanxi Province Civil Affairs Department Deputy Department of social services investigator received confirmed Zhang Yong.

A case study of Feng Qi shan Memorial Garden of humanity, all total there are tombs of 100,000. Among them, there are 30,000 or so tombs for the public good, you need to pay the cost of only hundreds of thousands of Yuan. This contrasts with, operating prices in each of the Tomb in the Park is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, much higher.

Reporters learned that public cemetery in Shaanxi province a single grave charges of averages around 2600 Yuan, only the market price of around 1/3. If it is a columbarium (wall walls) deposit or ashes are buried, the costs are lower.

Wide price difference is not made public by the public favor. This phenomenon is not the individual – Shaanxi Province, according to related regulations, except after years of effort, completed 65 city public welfare projects, 769 rural public construction projects outside of the cemetery, 76 operating cemetery in the province are also premised on a for-profit basis, to fulfill their social responsibilities, take out public burial tomb of 30%.

Price of public cemetery, by the price Department, Government approved prices, implementation of "guaranteed profit" sales. To this end, the city, Shaanxi Province, 5 million yuan each, district and county level each of 3 million yuan in subsidies, has put the public welfare cemeteries support capital of 280 million Yuan. But from the current situation, the use of urban public "not optimistic."

"The tomb of the deceased, is the ' face '. In the tradition of most people, ' public interest ' seem to be born with the word ' cheap and '' poor people '' lose face ' associated with it. "An interesting phenomenon: some people buy a House, may want to many ways to buy affordable housing, but when the selected cemetery, but to the public cemetery psychological resistance – alive sanliujiudeng, died after the burial to be in" poor "?

"Low burial rates, has become a public cemetery of difficult problems in the process. "At present, CP carrying" ecological burial "is still in its infancy stage. Coincide with this philosophy, public welfare cemeteries required single-point of not more than 0.8 square meters, double point of no more than 1 square meter. City public cemetery for burial, mainly Columbarium (wall, walls) placed, or choose a deep, tree burial, lawn funeral and other ecological form of burial.

Start one objective of the reform of funeral and interment in China is expected public cemeteries can play a "price" effect, reduce the burden on people. For the moment, "funeral costs down, public price alone is not enough, also presupposes to change ' Dim ' old concepts, actively promoting ' thick bozang ' funeral really civilized. "

According to the plan, 45, of Shaanxi Province, "in each County (city, district) completed at least 1 city public cemetery ... ... Each of the villages (or adjacent to several village temple) there is 1 public Ash House (Church) or body to the cemetery. "Deputy Guo Huimin, Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, told reporters that related content may also be included in 2016, Shaanxi Provincial Government work report, clear requirements: to achieve at the end of the county-level city public cemetery full coverage.

"This heavy task," Zhang said, at present, civil affairs departments have butt hair, land and other sectors, to develop relevant programmes towards completion.