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Institute of Northern North Sea life and de tripartite concept a different graphic

College entrance exam is approaching, Beihang University College of the North Sea (hereinafter "the Institute of Northern North Sea") enrollment there has not been any progress.

In 2004, the College is founded in Beihai city, Guangxi, becoming first undergraduate colleges in the North Sea. However, from the beginning of 2013, the school is no longer enrolling for three consecutive years, the wastage of teachers.

Now, many teachers worry that school of Northern North Sea failed to school facing closure? If I shall ever get diploma?

Recently, Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA for short) relevant departments told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), transformation of Beihang University College of the North Sea are still in a period of adjustment, "the premise upon completion of their studies, students are able to obtain North Sea Institute of Beihang University diplomas and degree certificates. "

On March 28, the school of Northern North Sea Managing Director Zhu Jinxi said prospects for schools uncertain, do not rule out "revive" hopes.

Claims that reform will be promoted, "two", after three years in a row no longer recruiting

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

Northern College 2012 recruitment sites in the North Sea. This picture from the network

Northern College consists of the North Sea, Aeronautics and Astronautics, investment, Beihai city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government (University of 2004-2008 to the North Sea economic zone development co, after 2008 for personal) tripartite joint organized by the independent colleges in the North Sea. In 2011, 3000 students at the hospital, the total number of students exceeded 10,000, wind and the school situation.

However, two years later, everything seems to stop.

In 2013, the school of Northern North Sea due to restructuring, only the enrollment of more than 200 people in Guangxi, but enrolled freshman was split into independent colleges in Guangxi.

In August of that year, China News Network was based on the system reform of Guangxi University was founded 7 years faced was split hundreds of freshmen reporting the story under the title. Reported at Beihang University College Admissions Office said a teacher surnamed Chen in the North Sea, enrollment in the summer suddenly received notice from Guangxi's examination Yuan issued by the said school of Northern North Sea organization will discuss with the new system, to the streaming of the Renaissance. And that, after the reform, Northern College consists of three colleges in the North Sea was upgraded to two class b school in 2013, enrollment is less than in previous years, is to enhance the quality of teaching at the school and prepared for the National Commission for the coming year.

However, in 2014 and 2015, Beihang University College of the North Sea is no longer a freshman. As of now, its 2016 enrollment did not take shape.

Last class: people on campus less, completely unlike a University

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the North Sea.

Northern North Sea college students Jin Lei 2012 (not her real name) is the school with the "last class". Because the reading of the town planning profession is a five-year undergraduate, Jin Lei is still in school.

In mid-March, he told the word news, Beihang University College of the North Sea just now is in normal operation. 2012 school most of the students have begun to practice outside, graduate March internship students back to the school to handle formalities, "fewer people on campus now, nothing like a University."

According to the teacher at school said in January 2015, almost stopped updating the school libraries and periodicals reading room, in recent days, school admissions and career center does not work like the previous two years.

In 2013 after the graphic arts, school wastage of outstanding faculty teaching quality also have had an impact on the school, there were even rumors, class of 2012, 2016, when back to school to participate in the defense and may not be able to find the original thesis advisor.

Jinlei introduction, school of Economics and management is the largest of 8 colleges under the school from 2013 after school stop enrollment for the first time, there will be college teachers left. 2015 before the winter holidays, about 1700 people in the class of 2012, and all the teachers and administrative staff of only about 200 people, "We also have left, but not much."

These two days, Li Dan 2009 journalism graduates have also asked their teachers in school about school. 24th, surging Li Dan told the news, many teachers and students of schools failing is not very clear, "I graduated (school) is also very good. Our school environment is particularly good, and really has feelings for school, didn't dare to know after these things ". Five XI Economic Outlook China is steadily advancing

In mid-March, Lin Haiping, Beihang University College of the North Sea in school teachers (not his real name) to the news that the surging, have no understanding for schools are facing closure, he is waiting for official news. "Teachers are the future I don't know, only know some teachers when the contract expires and no school to renew. "

Lin Haiping says in one place for a long time, the superiors and colleagues to avoid feelings of sadness and memories. "On the school issue, I'm not an expert, do not know the practices and ideas of school directors. I believe many teachers, like me, do not want to leave the school. "

In recent days, surging news attempted to contact Northern North Sea Academy, Office calls are transferred elsewhere, unable to get through. On 29th, Beihai in Guangxi College of Education Department of Beihang University higher education officials say is responsible for people to go out on a business trip, and could not comment, and private education management office phone was always in the Office went unanswered.

Beihang University: the College is still in a period of adjustment of conversion

Institute of Northern North Sea life and de: tripartite concept a different graphic arts for three years, people left thousands of people

According to Beihang University College of the North Sea's official website describes, the school is an example of quality educational resources to support the Western development and construction of China. Now, the only universities in the North Sea was founded less than a decade, stopped admissions, yet you don't see signs of recovery.

All the signs are pointing to, school parties, investors and Government's educational philosophy and positions of different, is the main reason that caused the present predicament.

On March 25, 2016, 2008 graduate of the school of Economics and management of the school student Wang Caihua (not his real name) told the Word Press, Institute of Northern North Sea initial contradiction was the tripartite education differences, mainly the northern part and investment divisions. "School years no admission, because in the past few years, BUAA has been removed in this part of the school's independent school status. Admissions list of the Ministry of education, the front because the school can no longer be called ' North ', so no entrance qualifications. "

Surging news judgments in China Online:

On June 23, 2008,, Beihai city, Government, and Beihang University and Chen Ruisheng (investment party) three party signed a copies joint running agreement, agreed three party joint do "Beihang University North Sea College":, Beihai city, Government free allocated 1103 acres land, not accounted for College equity; Beihang University to school name, and management resources, and education teaching resources participation running, accounted for College 30% equity; Chen Ruisheng to real or funds input, accounted for College 70% equity. Running for a period of 50 years of cooperation.

On January 22, 2013, investors and Aeronautics and Astronautics of the termination of the cooperation framework agreement was signed, both parties agree to terminate the Beihang University College of the North Sea, Aeronautics and Astronautics exit run school. From 2013 onwards no longer in northern North Sea on behalf of the college admissions, enrollment may not appear in the name "Aeronautics and Astronautics", "campaign", "airline" and "space" message.

Northern North Sea College 2013, 2014 stop enrollment for two consecutive years, now there are graduate school, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics under the independent set and management approaches, such as provision of continued to not graduate students fulfilled due responsibilities and obligations until graduation.

On March 3, 2015, the Arbitration Committee ruled in the North Sea: first, lift the Beihai city people's Government and Chen Ruisheng (investors) of the asset transfer contract signed on April 9, 2008; second, Chen Ruisheng pay late payment penalty 76 million Yuan to the Beihai city people's Government.

On March 21, the journalists the surging campaign officials reply, Beihang University College of the North Sea which has an independent legal personality and College President responsibility system under the leadership of the Board of Directors, run independently, independently appointed faculty members, independent qualifications and diplomas, independent external shall bear civil liability.

Launched in 2008 by the Ministry of the Setup and management of independent colleges (Ministry of Education Decree 26th) was the main basis for independent colleges. On the institutional mechanisms provided for further regulating the activities of the independent University of requiring independent College the undergraduate college standard specification set by independent proposed transfer is set to private school, return to the parent University, ending closure and other canonical path, and transition year in 2013.

The BUAA charge mentioned above, under the provisions mentioned above, in recent years, the Beihai city people's Government, Beihang University, Beihang University of institutional mechanisms in the North Sea of the investor transfer set repeatedly to discuss such issues, and relevant information and timely reports to the Division of Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Ministry of education. 2013 is the Ministry of education of the independent Institute and management of transition regulations independent college transfer deadline, given the conversion of Beihang University College of the North Sea is not determined, so from 2013 onwards, Northern North Sea College suspended admissions. So far, transformation of Beihang University College of the North Sea are still in a period of adjustment.

Next school of Northern North Sea face several possible, or set it to private schools, college or return to the mother, may also terminate close. If the school faced closure, are most worried about is whether the diplomas and degrees.

In this regard, Beihang University gave positive responses. Beihang University official said, "at present, Northern North Sea school all students are in accordance with the content of the training plan for professional learning, on the premise of completion, were able to obtain North Sea Institute of Beihang University diplomas and degree certificates. "

The Council: the Government should guide solutions

According to the official website of Ministry of education public in 2016, there is an independent school 266, involving about 270duowanming students. Last 6 years, the nation had 57 colleges and independent school independent school was officially separated from the mother.

In Guangxi, and Northern North Sea, similar to College of Guangxi University for nationalities of xiangsi Lake School revolves, Guangxi University Arts and Science College, Lijiang River in Guangxi Normal University College, school of information science and technology, Guilin and other total 9 independent colleges, of which 3 participation of all investors.

"Good College is the development of independent colleges in Guangxi, also earned a Bachelor's degree awarding powers. "On March 28, the school as one of Beihang University College of the North Sea investment Director Zhu Jinxi surging news talked about views on school woes.

Zhu Jinxi believes that current difficulties of running the main reason it is hard to say, "can be said to be a tripartite concept different." He said that investors tend to be independent, Beihang University did not want to do, but government schools keep campaign signs in the North Sea, not in favour of school independence. BUAA's attitude is to continue after only with the cooperation of the Government of the North Sea, however, the Government cannot come up with the money to invest in the schools, so things and stand there.

Zhu Jinxi said, as long as the school life, investor losses a little it doesn't matter, "I think, government departments should take active actions, guide to solve this problem as soon as possible. "

He told the word news, in recent years, Beihang University apart from putting signs, how many teachers does not introduce. "Schools do so, regardless of which side is very large losses, is not only the teachers ' and students ' interests, Beihai city, there's interest. "

Zhu Jinxi said the three parties are discussing way out now, "either independent or merged or removed. This time is the point of life and death, will not solve the problem, close schools. "

At present, the school is still waiting for admissions staff continue to base salaries for each month of the message, the "send by the end of July this year, if not admissions, nobody".

However, Zhu Jinxi said schools would still have prospects for reviving. "If the independent, also needs to be a process, is currently awaiting the approval of Ministry of education assessment. "