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A straight man experienced a VR sex women more interesting perspective

A straight man experienced a VR sex, women more interesting perspective

In the past few years, the sex industry is in the early development of new media technologies are mostly used when the development of carrier, such as VHS, DVD and streaming media formats. Back to ancient murals around the "sexual" content is everywhere-the object that will be used for any new media. Therefore, in virtual reality (VR) equipment development of dawn saw the spread of erotic content is not surprising. At the CES show in hotel suites, DigitalTrends journalists experience a virtual porn, take a look at what he says: VR Box virtual reality

"The view" has become the key to online pornography, but VR took it to new heights. Imagine a virtual head through a 180 degree view, you find yourself in a dimly lit hotel suite. As the eyes slowly moved down, rendered in sight is "their" Bonnie and illusory body; then, or sitting or lying down, even if it is passive, virtual reality takes you to the rainclouds over wushan boot. VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

Strip club rules also apply to virtual sex: can only see, don't touch (tactile feeling really seems to be in the process). Because video is a passive reception of information, VR and video too, so users in a virtual environment is unable to interact with the videos completed. In the experience of the process, you may be concerned about any points of interest--loving eyes staring at the virtual partner and so on.

In fact, the experience of dissonance is hard to describe an ink. But it is undeniable that VR allows users to enjoy the new first-person pleasure of porn videos, this changed the previous first person Hey Hey video within the meaning of the definition. Even in the past few days have experienced many virtual reality product, but the idea is still not ready. Sex evokes the animal side of the brain, so when by chance when immersed in such a situation, there will always be some reaction. Broad may be the most attractive part of this area. In contrast, unless this type of video is watched on a giant-screen, or all the characters in the video are relatively small. With roles in the video really meet, and body size-Pina sweet smile dimpling, graceful as a swimming dragon; fast-flying Mallard, a turn.

Video samples I have experience from the perspective of men and women. In my opinion, videos of women might be more interesting, because he can bring to a straight man never had to experience, outside the body. This is from my heart to observe the outside world from a female perspective, about how VR is to foster empathy.

The experience of Samsung Gear VR. And how these effects video filmed, Naughty America Chief Information Officer explained that the "combination of off-the-shelf and custom parts". Is there gay video type, Paul points out that 360-degree video makes it all matter.

Game development of VR technology is initially powered, pornography due to its popularity and the synergy with the media, became an important factor of the VR technology. Porn industry already is a $ 3.3 billion a year market, greed to penetrate into every accessible channels. Course Paul knew VR will bring dramatic changes to the industry: "the history of development of the industry as a whole is to used various ways to achieve this immersive realm, and now finally reached. This is a huge leap forward. "

Starting from last June launched the first VR love action movies, has remained almost a week of update rate, whether or not this is a newly emerging VR industry, or will fertility has fallen a blow, a group of people have started their spree.

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VR Box Virtual Reality Headset