Saturday, November 28, 2015

Entertainment comments do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

On November 28, 2015, the members of the TFBOYS Yi Qian XI, Yang's birthday will be held in Beijing, member Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai birthday on stage. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

Yi Yangqian imperial hegemony fans is to let the world know, November 28 day package the whole world for their idols.

Teen idol birthday two months before the age of 15, his fans have made a remarkable feat. At the time, TFboys to participate in the recording of the Emperor Kangxi to the broadcast, it caused a sensation, and three juveniles writing spelling mishap on the websites of the entertainment news section, onlookers overwhelmingly open mocking star level of skill points, apart from the fans, almost no one remembers Yi Qian XI, Yang's dream is to travel around the world. Young said you can buy tickets, waiting for the time to fly themselves.

On in old aunt are think juvenile too young, too simple, sometimes naive of when, easy Yang thousand seal of fans with action confirmed "dream also is to some, if achieved has does" said have has truth--September 25, 2015 late, a on # easy Yang thousand seal around world # of topic instantaneous boarded micro-Bo topic topped, fans for wish easy Yang thousand seal birthday and tailored custom around world of tickets, lifetime effective. It is learnt that the joint Qian XI fan, this is a travel site for the thousand-seal carefully planned surprise, which is a first in fan circles.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Micro-Blog on the topic of Qian XI, Yang's birthday reading is quite amazing.

Celebrates activities in birthday day reached peak, Los Angeles, and New York, and Seattle three to fans hosted private aircraft in three seat city over hanging for easy Yang thousand seal celebrates health of empty with banner, around flight; Beijing time November 28 11:28, a frame Jet on time in Australia Sydney launch, in famous of Sydney Opera over circled, left English celebrates health blessing; in Han fans for easy Yang thousand seal in Korea Seoul high people lots put for a months of Metro lightbox celebrates health And Viet Nam fan Idol birthday wishes are invested in bus body advertising, as the bus moves, Viet Nam spread the message of love.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Bus birthday wishes

Domestic of momentum more vast, Beijing, and Shanghai, and Nanjing, and Changsha, and Taipei time overwhelming all is juvenile of face, virus like occupation has Beijing 30 at Metro advertising, and Shanghai of moon light new world, and Nanjing xinjiekou, and Changsha of 205 block Metro ladder brand, 209 car bus Shang of 417 block TV screen and 58 home high-end buildings and the hotel of media released machine, and Taiwan part city of bus, and bus Pavilion and Taipei small giant egg ring screen. Of course, in addition to the billboards, advertising, fans have also jointly sent out a holiday company in Beijing Fangshan, Beijing Villa right term until death do they part.

Fans took out to the elders to make sushi at home will celebrate Qian XI, Yi yang 15 birthday, dacaodaban not to disturb the party newspaper, but compared with Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy's wedding, about the same size and influence. You know, AH big support behind fashion magazines and several corporate sponsors, Qian XI, Yang's birthday than most fans pay for, money is a small stream into rivers or, is the richest deal or no deal, is to communicate the fact that fans – Cadet Corps strength should not be underestimated.

Entertainment comments | do you know a man named Yi Yangqian seal boy 15 birthday

Qian XI, Yi yang TFBOYS members. Beijing times-Oriental IC diagram

So-called Idol, is gods belief most secular of of extends, easy Yang thousand seal of fans like Western social celebrates Christmas as celebrates Idol of birthday, how many can understanding, but terrible of is juvenile of celebrates health will has became three a juvenile fans summary a high of arena, each other to in scale and means Shang each other comparisons, and each other grind pressure, celebrates health of original in hit money spell pomp of process in the was serious twisted.

Modern spread means pervasive, juvenile mission members from a species degree Shang is movie in Jim Carrey played of of Chu door, completely life in lens Xia, movements are escape not out people of eyes, they of life is was design good of, except academic, brokers will arrangements rehearsal, and performances, and recorded various program, on even birthday this personal event also in fans of role Xia played into a large of commercial activities, small times money concept gave birth to out of near naked of expression way straightforward have was puzzling.

In fact, for many people, the TFBOYS popularity and longevity itself is puzzling, young was able to fight deadly impact comparable to a-list stars in the entertainment figures, with neighbouring countries becomes famous girl group AKB48 similarities exist in the reasons. Relationships with other Idol fans, young fans more like to develop games in the roles and relationships between players, as fans through their own actions affect the role of the player, in the role of their so-called "dream", and in the name of dreams to rationalize their own behavior. When these dreams are in the form of material came out, in addition to the staggering shock, but what a shame. None of the songs from head to toe in the cloud

Of course, dreams, between fans and their idols are more difficult to quantify factors--love. Love is explained by science as a mental illness, this disease that cannot be cured through human history and thus cannot be measured with a simple standard of right and wrong. Fans love for idols probably only with United Kingdom writer Somerset Maugham wrote novels in the veil of sentences:

"I know you're stupid, frivolous, empty the mind, yet I love you. I know your intentions, your ideals, you are snobbish or vulgar, yet I love you. I know you're a second-rate, but I love you. In order to appreciate what you are passionate about those things I try to show you I'm not ignorant and vulgar, gossip, stupid, I struggled. I know that wisdom will make you frightened, so timid. I love you so much, that I don't care. As far as I know, people are falling in love with someone and not to return, often feel sad and disappointed, then become angry and bitter. I am not like that. I never expect you to love me, I never thought you would have reason to love me, I never thought he loved. I love you should be grateful to be given the opportunity. "