Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Xiamen a woman throwing shame sanitation workers do not throw your performance

On April 19, named "Xiamen snacks sister humiliate sanitation workers" heat transfer of video network: a young woman throwing trash in the Park, sanitation workers intercepted the cause of abuse. April 19, Xiamen siming district municipal Garden Council Zhongshan Park management a head to surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed, video in the of place does is Zhongshan Park, but Zhongshan Park sanitation workers of uniforms for grey, is not video in the sanitation workers by wear of yellow white uniforms, by verified, video in the of sanitation workers does not belongs to Zhongshan Park; video in the II people dialogue clear, "like is back script", has hype smacks of.

Time display for the 48-second video, a woman sat in the Pavilion in the park eating snacks, fruit chips and thrown to the ground. A yellowish-white uniform of the sanitation men came away saying "rubbish should be thrown to the other side", after being rejected from the woman, grabbed a something like a trash bag. Woman angry, arguing with men and shouted "this is not your work? How do I create for you performance! "Continuing to throw rubbish on the ground.

Video issue is raised after the user user talk, someone questioned the authenticity of the content. Netizens pointed out that the video clips of women and has been playing on the sanitation workers face mosaic and two-person dialogue clearly, taking seats more stable, suspected "a set-up". Lanxiang principal s wife s application for a

Management told the word of Zhongshan Park news, video not Zhongshan Park sanitation men wearing uniforms, sanitation workers in Zhongshan Park uniform color to gray. It said Xiamen City sanitation worker wearing a video in the style of uniform, but sanitation workers responsible for the Xiamen City, Zhongshan Park do not belong to the area, so it does not carry out sanitation task in Zhongshan Park.

19th at noon, siming district, Xiamen City appearance and environmental sanitation administration officials responded by saying the micro-video: create a civilization of the civilized city needs you and me together.

Zhongshan Park management official said, after receiving the news reflected the surging 19th night video and pictures sent to the siming district sanitation Department, the Office staff troubleshoot not the garbage man, "like back play, there could be speculation."