Friday, April 22, 2016

Fraudulent groups 10 seconds to copy the Bank moments to take the money information

Bank cards stolen brush news many victims at least thousands of Yuan by fraudulent, many hundreds of thousands of stolen brush, even millions. So, what is wrong with these bank cards stolen brush? Recently, the city channel reporter undercover bank card fraudulent group in Henan province, the results shocking. 8000 Yuan to buy a bank card Replicator in just 10 seconds to copy the card, card number, password, full and accurate.

Reporter investigations: ten seconds to copy a bank card

Undercover in these fraudulent cards the group a few months later, journalists and members of the group slowly got acquainted, in order to uncover their shady copying bank cards, the reporter decided to investigate starting from members of copying bank cards. After so many temptations, the reporter finally and a man named "old Yang," who caught the line.

Yang said that his activities in the area of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, specialized copy of bank cards in China. Several times after the break, Yang promised to sell to reporters a bank card Replicator, and promised the Church to use the replicators. On March 18, after reporters paid 8000, get the card Replicator.

Fraudulent groups 10 seconds to copy the Bank moments to take the money, information held millions of users

Journalist Replicator a few hours later, come to Lao Yang, prepared by video to teach journalists to use the bank card Replicator.

After copying the bank card is connected to the computer, there is a copy card program appears on your desktop.

Sure enough, the bank card in the Replicator to brush up and down, the card information into a line-by-line code to appear on a computer, and a password.

Yang at the time of his operation, timing the reporters, copy the information to the other bank card on a bank card, takes only a short ten seconds.

Experimental copying bank cards: success and money

Video after the end of the tutorial, the reporter decided to test, whether successful copying bank cards, success and take the money? Journalist experiment.

Reporter's experiment is incredible, perhaps you may say that, even if you buy the card Replicator, trying to just get someone else's bank card, I'm afraid it's not easy, isn't it? In fact, criminals, this is not a deal at all.

Journalists get leaked information

After verifying the accuracy of all

The night of March 28 by QQ sent a list of transactions and bank card information at their disposal. Among them, Shanghai depositor information of 38,000, 17,500/Shanxi savers, 150,000 in Shandong, Zhejiang 40,400, covering almost all the country's provinces, all of the cities, but banks around us, these leaks together all of millions of bank card information. Guangxi Guilin Jingjiang tombs into mass gang

Reporters bought 10,000 depositors information, ready to verify what's real. After paying for a few minutes, the traders sent me information.

Look at reporters purchase information, bank card number, the card balance, a bank card password, date available, we'll take a look at the back of the lines, this is the account owner's name, address, social security number, even a phone number. For ordinary people, it's just one bank card information, for fraudulent credit card criminals, however, through their technical means, every piece of information can be copied out of a bank card. If this information is true, I can't imagine what the consequence is dreadful. Once copied by someone else as a bank card, how much money we have, is how to change the amount of, they know quite well what else do we have privacy?

Bank card information in order to verify the purchase, we print out a copy of this information. Prepared in accordance with the above address in search, check one by one.

Continuous verification of more than one of the above list, reporters found that every information is true, your name, address, card number, opening when phone numbers are all correct. Most of these savers can not accept is that they have always thought that the most intimate password is no longer a secret.

Millions of credit card information being leaked

Millions of credit card information, just easily get up, maybe you would have thought, given that these people can easily copy bank card, why he wouldn't take a copy card to get money? Profits are not more? In fact, they think that if you take the money will take on more risk, so the money handed over to the special "money-laundering", take a look at how crazy they are fraudulent.

Reporter undercover fraudulent groups: fraudulent withdrawals

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, contacted help copying bank cards on the "money-laundering", only after the contact with them, see how they copied the bank card will be "money laundering" washed white, the inside story of the entire fraudulent in order to truly reveal. On April 1, they and reporters about good, meet in front of the hotel.

In order to avoid risks, reporters advance copies of one of his own cards, deposit 10000 dollars in it. Saw the young man from the bedside of a paper bag and took out a POS machine, start query card balances.

Brush over money, the young man for reporters to confirm credit card receipt, and then again reached into the bedside that paper bags, journalists take money.

Journalists and the discussion is 46 share, brush on the Replication tab, press 60%, "money laundering" 40%, but these too took so much risk, too earn too little, gave reporters only 5,000 dollars.

Journalists pay particular attention for a moment, their POS machines are on the market and though they may look different, but the code shown above, it is very strange, the young man said, which they modified POS machines.

The whole "money laundering" process only a few minutes, there is a tacit understanding between each other almost without a word of extra crap, and the whole process is cash, not through bank transfers.

Query the journalists hurried to their bank cards, 10000 dollars have been removed, but where it was taken, what machine to use to fetch the query does not come out, 10000 dollars just disappeared out of thin air.

Crazy fraudulent actions

After watching the millions of bank card information in the "black market" such random acts of sale, fraudulent gang crime spree, you can't believe your own eyes, is not panicking? We can also use bank card? Banks face fraudulent this hands-free, and completely out of luck? How to avoid a bank card is fraudulent?

Magnetic stripe card vulnerability security tools need to be upgraded

First of all, we'll say it freely traded on the black market for millions of bank card information, how they were stolen by fraudulent groups?

Traps set on the ATM machines, restaurants, hotels, credit card, ask the waiter to brush, bank information disclosure, Trojans and viruses on a mobile phone, without these four ways.

On the show, is copied, stolen, brush cards, magnetic stripe cards, magnetic stripe cards design flaws, security is very low.

--Finance and Economics Finance Professor Han Fuling

But in the undercover reporters found fraudulent groups, banking technology, the implementation of chip cards, but fraudulent groups are cracking the technology and fraudulent copying of the chip card has also been produced.

There is really no way around this is copied, stolen brush risks?

Anti-theft brush technique in updating bank card but fraudulent groups did not stop their crazy. Banks, police departments, as well as the cardholder should perform their respective duties, do as much as possible information cannot be stolen by fraudulent groups.

Tips once we have bank cards being distributed fraudulent, we should first prove himself, for example, you can immediately access to the Bank 100 dollars, and then save the access credentials, which proves that the bank card in your possession, money is distributed fraudulent. On June 30, 2015, Yang Xu bank cards stolen brush 17 total 10691. Is to use this method, in the prosecution of the Bank, in favour of Mr Xu, court decision Bank compensation for loss of his 70%.