Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI an 800 000 attempted blackmail

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Involved private kitchens, is located in a villa.

"Four winds" refers to the party and Government organs and leading cadres in the formalism, bureaucratism and extravagance and hedonism. In recent years, from the central to the local campaign against "the four winds" special events. But in XI ' an, but someone attempted to borrow against "the four winds" amid extortion thing.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) Gets a judgment shows, private kitchens staff work in XI ' an, candid guest dinner video, premeditated by regulation "four winds" extorting on the occasion, a letter sent by post, send messages and even soar to Feng Cheng Zhuhai office location blackmail, where the guests, only to be blackmail select alarm.

On April 7, weiyang district, XI ' an City Court made a verdict on the case, the maid, and 3 associates were convicted of extortion, prison 3-6 years respectively.

The afternoon of April 12, the surging news involved private kitchens, is located within the high-tech zone a Villa, visits to, the private kitchens are still open for business, the official said "bad business".

Private kitchens waiter candid video blackmail

Surging indictment of the news early in May 2015, accused Sun Huan, Li JH, Zhang min, Wang wenfeng 4 were premeditated by central regulation "four winds" extort the occasion, planning to use Wang wenfeng's wife Zhang min private kitchens worked as a waitress in XI ' an opportunity secretly filmed the table video, common implementation of extortion.

Sun Huan from the defendant bought a set of secret device given to Wang wenfeng, Wang wenfeng and Zhang min debug at home. Zhihou, Zhang min equipment with me waiting in the two Nations will be photographed, and finally photographed at work a dining room guest video. Zhang handed over candid video after Sun Huan, by comparing Sun Huan, determine the object of extortion.

In July 2015, Sun Huan after Lu a, determine who in the video, with Li JH Lew implementation of extortion. On July 18, Sun Huan and extortion letters sent to Luke of video memory card, to send messages to Roh several times after, and to disclose the video threat, asked Lu to pay 800,000 yuan.

On July 24, Luke made a report to police. That afternoon, Sun Huan, Li JH drive soar to Xian Feng Cheng BA LU LU's Office, Sun Huan Lu Office to extortion, Li JH takes out, failed and left. The same day, Sun Huan, Li JH being arrested. On July 30, Zhang min, Wang wenfeng being arrested.

On November 25, 2015, weiyang district, XI an to the weiyang District Court Prosecutor's Office indictment charged the accused Sun Huan, Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng commit the crime of extortion.

Four defendants were prison 3-6

, Weiyang district, XI an judgement made by the Court shows that in court, 4 defendants accused of major crimes and charges no objection, said voluntary guilty plea in court. Sun Huan argued the defendant he started demanding 800,000 yuan imposed on victims of extortion, refused, he changed by text message asking for 500,000 yuan.

In addition, the accused Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng's defenders have suggested that Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng system first, casual offender and accomplices and other submissions. Among them, Li JH counsel also suggested that the victim does not fear video sent by the defendant, nor negotiate with the defendant amount forming the essence of, it is unable to determine the amount of extortion.

Courts believe that indictment alleged facts are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient. Identified, the public security organs is not extracted from the accused phone Sun Huan to change to a demanding 500,000 yuan Lu message, Roh has said the defendant did not reduce the asking price.

After the Court considered that, according to the evidence, in this case the amount of crime should be convicted of 800,000 yuan. Accused Sun Huan, Zhang min, Li JH, Wang wenfeng unlawful possession for the purpose of using the candid video means blackmailing other people's money, a huge amount, 4 people's behavior constituted the crime of extortion under the criminal law.

Eventually, Sun Huan was sentenced to 6 years ' imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan; Zhang min, was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months, and fined 10,000 RMB; Li JH, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months, and fined 10,000 RMB; Wang wenfeng, was sentenced to 3 years and fined 10,000 yuan. 4 the attack used videotaping equipment, store cards according to law shall be confiscated.

Failure to disclose was a blackmailer's name and title

Surging news notes, which borrow against "the four winds" implemented on the occasion of the racketeering case, the indictment and judgment provided a clear blackmail of name and title information, only the victim Lu instead.

Earlier, surging News reported in shigu district, Hengyang, Hunan to the Court with "Lei" in the extortion case, judgement in the case was to seduce, blackmail in order to officials in connection with the man's name, position and other identities hidden.

News about the surging was informed that the case involving private kitchens, is located within the high-tech zone of a luxury residential villas. The afternoon of April 12, press visits to the surging, finds the private kitchens in a freestanding three-story Villa. Although Villa no clearly identified that this was a private restaurant, but Villa smokestacks on the exterior walls still show "identity".

Dining reporter who inquired about the situation, restaurant officials said, mainly engaged in "cuisine", there are two rooms one large and one small, "upstairs has a large dining room, bad business, it was converted into offices. "" We have the lowest consumption, but drinks can bring, we also have, such as maotai, wuliangye. "She said," are often received in northern Shaanxi to lead ", but it is still unable to confirm the claim.

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Private kitchens concerned activities launched during the Chinese new year menu CE Lv Zhongmei interview representatives of the

Private kitchens waiter candid guest dinner in XI ' an, 800,000 attempted blackmail against jailed

Private kitchens concerned activities launched during the Chinese new year menu

Of activities launched during the lunar new year, the restaurant menu displays, the restaurant has four packages, prices ranging from 100 yuan per person to 280 Yuan/person, each dinner package standard for 10 people. Business card display provided by the restaurant staff, said case defendant Zhang min, who was the Manager here, but her name and telephone number has been drawn away from the card, and replaced by written information about others.