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Xinhua News Agency issued a document questioning cadres leave early phenomena

Xinhua News Agency issued a document questioning cadres

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Hunan counties to implement a cadre of "leave early" hot policy news Internet users, the policy encourages veteran post seat room for young people in advance, and volunteered to leave the cadres improve treatment. "To make seats for the treatment" reasonable legal? "Early retirement" policy will promote the retirement of "stumbling blocks"? "China" reporters interview around related issues.

Leaders, "leave early" free seat

Since last year, shuangfeng County, Hunan province, hundreds of party members and cadres and civil service submitted applications for voluntary early retirement or exit the leadership post. Shuangfeng County party Committee Organization Department official told reporters that in the context of institutional reform at the county level in accordance with the relevant provisions, allowing 30 years ' work experience or from the retirement age prescribed by the State for less than five years and the proposed cadre of 20 years ' work experience requirements, approved by the authority to appoint and remove, you can retire.

Shuangfeng County, which is not the case, some places have quietly implemented. According to press reports, some places are to proceed with arrangements for consultation with the cadres "leave early", preliminary programme, including increasing treatment.

A cadre of Hunan province told reporters that more than 50 cadres and family health very seriously, in the case of not promoting space and promotion may, preferring early "smooth landing" and return to their families. "I took this tour ride, can retire now to accompany his wife and daughter looked around, with grandson. For many in the heart of officialdom so far is good for h. " One has been "late" procedures of cadre said.

An application of "leave early" cadres told reporters at the grass-roots "is not the responsibility of power", both physically and emotionally want to retire and relax. "I was transport Secretary's seat for 8 years, this seat is wrong cannot afford, a problem ratione materiae save many lives. I am a bad heart, really tired. Now, I'm more interested in health and family, there are 5 officers in this Council and I applied for early retirement. "One of the officials said on condition of anonymity.

In fact, not only in Hunan province, are seen as much national cadres "early retirement". "This is a universal phenomenon, and many places in merger and restructuring, destined to have some leaders to quit the leadership post. "An Organization Department of cadres in a county in Hunan province confessed that" treatment room seat "to digest fat. Merged towns in that County, merging the county authorities, and the revocation or withdrawal of section 14, small number of cadres who post, it cannot be scheduled. Measures are not taken, and promoting young cadres would become empty words.

Reasonable legal?

In order to make room for young people seat, in order to reflect the "hardships" of leading cadres ' caring, in order to absorb redundant, Super staff equipped with a cadre of ... ... This is the main reason many encouraging cadres to take early retirement. For some applications, "leave early" grassroots cadres, relegated to second-tier wages in advance a point many even have improved, a rare opportunity; training of the cadres, "leave early" can make location for young people and promoting cadres "metabolism", also introduced in order to improve the effectiveness of "Catfish".

School of public administration, Yang Yansui, a professor at Tsinghua University believes that under the situation of reform push, compressed body preparation, reduce unnecessary departments allow qualified cadre of early retirement, open export, young cadres "free seat" last-ditch move. But worthy of attention is that some local cadres, "old first" approach may have a copycat effect in the local cadres.

During the interview process, many officials consider that the policy of "leave early" policy, the cadre's career, "life is short", promote promotion "time waits for no one." Some cadres aged 30-40, psychological changes is very delicate. Especially some of the cadres at and above the age of 40, he felt "getting old", losing the promotion of "imagination". "Passion, enthusiasm and all that doesn't matter, the next most important thing is not to offend people, no mistakes, safely made it through to the 50 years ' early retirement '. "

Original University Ningxia University Professor Su Donghai believes that if "late" become a popular choice of grass-roots cadres, cadres and mental fluctuations caused by impact should not be underestimated. For example may make some officials lost their enthusiasm and wait for retirement along. "Old first" cadre resources wasted, how to strengthen some management is placed in front of the Organization Department of the fa├žade of the important issues.

"Early retirement policies will be 50 years old ' Prime ' cadre of the exit line, in fact, resulted in a great waste of resources, also implicitly increase the pension burden. "National School of administration, Mr. Wang yukai, a Professor believes that it would also cut a retirement policy in social identity.

There, experts say, China's civil service and Labor departments of the relevant provisions of the law, specification for early retirement to a principle of public officials, but without more specific and operational policy. Taiwan earthquake has caused 37 people were killed

Top design required scientific

Leaders, "leave early", to make seats for the treatment practices caused concern.

In this regard, some experts believe that the country is working on promoting the retirement policy, and in some places "local rules" encourage "leave early" if mishandled controversy-prone, is likely to promote the retirement of "stumbling blocks".

Think Zhou xiaozheng, a sociology professor at Renmin University, and under the terms permitted by law, and supporting grass-roots reform of early retirement is understandable. For some of the early retirement of officials, needs to strengthen the supervision and management to avoid them while away from official, is still using the previous relationships, such as "soft resources" to do some things that meet the interests.

Experts suggest, on the one hand, the departments concerned should be promulgated for cadres to take early retirement provisions of the "leave early" behavior norms, should not be banned, nor unprincipled release. The other hand, insist on yongzhe, who on the employment oriented, strengthening the work of party members and cadres, strengthening in-service training, establish ideal and belief, enhanced operational capabilities to help party members and cadres ' cultivation of correct values and Outlook on power, stimulating the enthusiasm of cadres, to better serve the people.

Su Donghai, Mr. Wang yukai, who pointed out that introduced early retirement policies belong to the Government, should follow the "law without authorization is not available for" principle. Meanwhile, relevant departments should be strict "leave early" system specifications "early retirement" program to improve "early retirement" threshold, real needs "leave early" feel the solicitude of the party and party members and cadres to take care of, opportunistic people as early as possible the Elimination of "leave early" idea.

Also some grassroots cadres that, existing detail explanation of the principles of civil service law, specific circumstances under which to retire, retire to enjoy benefits, compensation and other issues should be treated on a case, not "one size fits all".

Source: Xinhua

Original title: treatment room seats legitimate--three asked some local cadres, "leave early" phenomenon