Thursday, April 14, 2016

Korean military North Korea test fired a new medium range missiles suspected

According to South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported on April 15, Korea Joint Chiefs (UN) said that North Korea fired missiles early in the day to the East coast of the peninsula, but suspected failure, North Korea's launch could be "musudan" intermediate-range ballistic missiles (BM-25).

Reports said South Korean military recently found North Korea in Gangwon Wonsan area deployed along the peninsula of Tiger island "musudan" missile, then the Korea-us "aegis" destroyers, emergency mission to eastern waters, paying close attention to the DPRK. Germany select the party to give up the gentle

United States and its allies, the missile tests seen as North Korea's latest provocation, and had carried out a series of nuclear tests are similar in nature. However, this is the first time since the beginning of 2014, North Korea test-fired a medium-range missile.

This zhiqian, Korea Government more bit message people 14th disclosure, has identified out North Korea in East coast of kwangwon provinces road Wonsan area Tiger Island Peninsula area deployment in place more than 20 days of 1 to 2 gold "dance water end" medium-range ballistic missile (BM-25), given mount dance water end missile of launches car delay not withdrawal, North Korea is may for meet Kim Il-Sung of birthday "Sun section" (April 15) and for the missile in served Hou of first launches.

This assessment is supported by United States military response. Previously, CBS14 day reports, Pentagon officials expect North Korea to be 15th in the morning local time to launch a medium-range missile.

The Pentagon officials said, North Korea fired a new type of missile the "musudan", its range can reach the Aleutian Islands and Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Both for the United States an important sea and air bases in the Pacific. The test-firing would mark North Korea's nuclear threat United States a step goal.

Korea media have reported, the musudan missile chaojun service without test, from the length of the engine and the airframe, warhead loading, the maximum range may reach 3000 to 4000 km, Guam to combat coverage deep in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the longer the musudan missile, US troops in North Korea is expected before launch and the International Maritime Organization said hello or declared prohibited areas zones on the East coast of the Korean peninsula. But Korea said Government news, no indication North Korea designated prohibited areas, the Government is tightening nerves watching North Korea.

United States intelligence agencies believe that North Korea does not have combat United States, but North Korea's ability to constantly improve, United States need to invest to improve missile defense capabilities.

Korea Defense Ministry spokesman Wen Shang said that ever since the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UN statement more tests to be carried out, Korea's military has been closely monitoring North Korea's missile launch.

United States the message said it had learned that North Korea is preparing to test-fire medium-range missiles, and is closely monitoring developments on the Korean peninsula. Japan has also deployed a "Patriot-3" against North Korea test-fired a new missile.

United States Defense Ministry spokesman, pugu·jinjunwala, said: "we again call on North Korea to stop actions that could further exacerbate tension in the region. "

Responsible for air defense of the United States northern command Commander General bier·geteni 14th at United States Senate hearing, said he agreed with Korea's assessment of North Korea has the ability to mount nuclear warheads on a missile, this type of medium-range missiles to cover Korea and throughout Japan most of the territory.

The musudan missile using unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine (UDMH) as a major fuel, just 30 minutes to fill up with fuel, the fuel can be stored at room temperature, filling can keep about 1 week on a single launch-ready state. Musudan missile, according to the former Soviet Union (R-27 SS-N-6) imitation of submarine-launched missile warhead weighing 650 kilograms, can carry the miniaturization of nuclear bombs, high explosive, chemical bombs, there are currently more than 50 rounds served in chaojun.