Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lintao Gansu province in response to strong wage deduction trees repaying the

Lintao, Gansu province in response to strong wage deduction trees: repaying the balance instead of planting 5 trees per person

CCTV's "focus interview" program screenshots

On April 3, the CCTV's "focus interview" lintao was reported salaries for public officials being detained by a strong "green" issue, according to reports, only lintao May 2015 in a strong clasp 115940 as "green fee" at the same time, the County Hospital is also in the same financial detention on behalf of wages. Move, lintao County part of public discontent, the report sparked once they are advertised. On April 4, the reporter learned from the dingxi municipal government information Office, reports aired that night in lintao County departments on the development of a corrective action implementation, 2.786 million Yuan by 2015 of the commitment to balance percentage withholding and comprehensive return before April 7.

In March 2013, lintao requirements "County staff voluntary tree-planting seedlings and planting maintenance costs required to take ' mobilization of all current financial support personnel an annual contribution of 1 month salary 10%' solutions", but in the process of implementation is simple, by withholding the financial. Therefore, also on 4 May every year, lintao County civil servant and career preparation of all financial paid staff, in the name of green fees or saplings, were docked one month's salary of 10%, about 400 Yuan per capita on average, the money deducted directly by the County Department of finance. From 2013, the implementation of the programme to date, 3 years has withheld 13.8 million Yuan. Students in Wenzhou strangled his girlfriend sitting

Reported advertised Hou, lintao County, and County Government April 3 late held Conference said, appeared generation buckle cadres workers wage raised green funds of problem, main is work in the policy implementation not in place, and go has sample, work method simple, and not detailed, subjective reasons caused of, a is on national of about policy research not through, especially in August 1, 2013 National Treasury, and NDRC issued notification, canceled green fee, 33 items administrative career sex charges Hou, no seriously research related policy, Not timely according to policy requirements modified County obligations tree planting management approach; II is operation program not specification, put cadres workers of obligations into has assessed generation buckle wage, increased has cadres workers of burden; three is universal obligations tree planting policy publicity not in place, cadres masses on universal obligations tree planting management approach knows rate low, participation of enthusiasm not high, even has individual cadres masses on carried out obligations tree planting activities not understanding, and not support; four is implementation obligations tree planting responsibility of mechanism not perfect, No real responsibility for voluntary tree-planting by the cadres and masses, and ignore the importance of obligations for workers and staff involvement in reforestation; five problem rectification is not timely, not completely.

In view of the existing problems, lintao County, the County Government will seriously study the development of feasible corrective action implementation, one is fully repaying the balance. By County financial sector immediately developed generation buckle green fee balances funds return programme, on balances of 2.786 million Yuan funds, according to 2015 generation buckle proportion, Yu April 7 Qian all return to cadres workers; II is established by County Deputy Secretary any leader, and County four team is in charge of led any deputy leader, County forestry, and financial, and audit, related sector head for members of County obligations tree planting "back see" work led group, on 2013 to 2015 County obligations tree planting work for once full "back see", Focus on survival rate of afforestation survival rate, and carefully check the use of the funds, announced to the public in a timely manner the results of verification and good grasp of implementation problem rectification to ensure rational use of funds, open and transparent, voluntary tree-planting for workers and staff to achieve tangible results.

Another according to reporter understand, in full grasp problem rectification implementation of while, lintao seriously plan good 2016 County obligations tree planting work, April 10 Qian held County obligations tree planting mobilization will, timely informed near three years obligations tree planting work carried out situation and the green funds raised using situation, immediately started this year obligations tree planting work, while decided 2016 organ obligations tree planting green activities on no longer by financial generation buckle, by workers personal itself according to per person 5 tree tree of requirements for green, last by forestry sector led acceptance, Ensure the survival rate is above 90%.