Sunday, April 24, 2016

Night stand movement is the European version the occupy or a party

Local time on April 11, 2016, Paris, France, people attend Nuit Debout rallies. Huangshan Hui names can have it both ways

Nuit Debout is a French word for most fashionable in Europe today, but also a new "revolutionary movements". The campaign called Nuit Debout starting from March, spread from Paris ' place de la Republique to most parts of Europe, French-speaking. Nuit Debout, the literal meaning is "night stand" or "night", or "night out".

On November 17, 2011, United States New York, about 1000 people occupy the protesters gathered outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Undoubtedly, similar in nature to "occupy", this name is far more subtle than inevitably reminiscent of some of the sports brand "night run" project.

"Night stand" (Nuit Debout)--I read from the left-wing Web sites--in the past few weeks, bringing together tens of thousands of French youths, they appear in the public square, discussing politics, discuss ideals, talking about the future, discussing how to resist capitalism. Very quickly, it became a label.

Anti capitalist fighter Zizek was so "occupy": "really meaningful is the next day, when we returned to the daily life of the time. Do you have any change? "

Have to say, I and some people, disenchanted with movement on the French. After all, youth-led social movements, is in Paris in 1968 that the most successful. When I follow the instructions, go to Brussels "art" (Mont des Arts), I really can't imagine "night stand" is the kind of "organization" or movement. Experience has taught me over the years, young (white) people on the form and content of expression is more "realistic" internally known as "Our Lady of x" thing. After all, at the same time in another part of the world are engaged in a event called Coachella, also gathered a large following of young (white) male and female hippie "movement."

Whether you like to wear short shorts and boots or second-hand, like to read Zizek anti-capitalist attitude at most is the kind of gesture. This anti-capitalism campaigner Zizek understood better than anyone. In 2011, he says of "occupy": "... ... Don't fall in love with yourself. We are very happy, but keep in mind that Carnival without spending much money. Really makes sense is the next day, when we returned to the daily life of the time. Do you have any change? "

I live in the French city of Brussels "night stand" activities, every night at 7 o'clock on time in call "art" held in place. Here is one of the most beautiful in Brussels, the terrain is high, overlooking that there had been a Royal dream has suffered a contusion of the city recently. Interesting fact is that Brussels art is today called "gentrification" of 19th century examples. When King liaobodeershi forced to buy this once-bustling neighborhood was built under the Hill led directly to Brussels city centre population loss, lack of funds has led to this mountain of art never really had the King desired position.

This place not only has now faded tourist bars, and is also the traditional "liberal arts," tramp rendezvous, graffiti and sleeping bags all over the wall. Come to "night stand" of young people, and commemoration of Belgium on the victims of the terrorist attacks in the same step, dozens of people crowded together, almost all (white) young--except for a few years lived in the outside real tramps.

Local time on April 22, 2016, Paris, France, people continue "night stand" rally.

"Night stand" claiming to be core members of the Organization, in other words there is no leader. Its P2P conception becomes a public space "Community College", anyone can come here and listen to others speak, or his speech. You could say politics can be about environmental protection, can sing, can dance. Even so, you can still see it, activities some people closer to the core than others, than most people sit quietly with friends chatting or smoking the grass they walked up and down nervously, arrange all kinds of activities.

Indeed, to understand the "night stand" movement's political philosophy is not difficult, these young people are concerned about affirmative action and identity politics, concerned with trade union organizations, concerned with environmental protection, care for anti-capitalist philosophy, in other words, before any students recognize cruelty in today's society there is idealism.

From the Netherlands is a hero on this day the youth, he brought a computer and a black and white printer, opened a small print shop, do not receive money – everyone can come to he printed the revolutionary pamphlets. Guys don't speak French so well, but the enthusiasm of the revolution, made himself a flyer templates, you only have the sentences into their own political ideals by the magnificent, to fill in the blanks on the line. In this way, various print flyers started to spread among the crowd, a bit like in takeout form. I got a card saying "we do each and every little thing can change a little bit"-a real talk. I asked the young man what he had to fill, he is shy but not embarrassed to say: I'm not sure.

Guy sitting next to a man named Uncle Fred. The Fred, has appeared several times before I go up and talk to him in the "stage", and is pulled down from the stage several times. Every time his speech begins with a loud, screaming over, and despite the fact that other people are talking at all. Age of Uncle's behavior did not meet "night stand" of the target audience, and bring their own beer, and a set of table and chairs, plus several French looks very impressive book. Apparently the uncle mentally can be described as normal, are permanent residents here, in this day and night. Uncle was very hospitable, so, I'm in the anti-capitalist activities, being a bottle of free beer. I think about, the last time in public when will get free sample drinks was, can only think of the opening of the Art Institute.

Of course, "night stand" with this bottle of beer to have no connection. Every day till after dark, if there are enough people are present, then there will always be individuals began to pick up guitar singing ballads. Community College is a little feeling of an outdoor bar (right next door, actually without walls, and open a restaurant is one of the more advanced), where guest are also to watch "night stand", but are not willing to cross the invisible wall. I haven't seen anyone go into a restaurant, buy wine, this anti-capitalist activities clearly outdated, of course, many hands holding wine glasses, source unknown.

I asked sitting on the steps in the most remote of the French Antoine, a 29 year old look pedantic temperament unemployed youth (a year ago, he opted not to work) to this feel. Antoine said, people are too few, "I wish I could do something, sitting here do not solve any problems. I find very interesting, one must do more to get things done. "Here than in Paris place de la Republique, the" night stand "movement field, much less people. "Night stand" in Paris attracted tens of thousands of people sat on the floor, is a real collective occupation of public spaces, but here, occupation of "art" is undoubtedly Fred and his friends.

Antoine was not like Truffaut's famous Antoine, he rolls a cigarette, saying his activities in Paris a few days ago, and police had a sense of positive impact. As seen by the French, he told Brussels "night stand" does not seem to hold out much hope. "Belgium is not much problem," Antoine said, "in France, we are fighting for unions the right to negotiate with the capitalist. Of course, we are one of the major criticisms are almost all of us are white, there is no Muslim, no blacks, no other ethnic groups, it seems we are not making any effort to include them. Actually, Paris ' night stand ' to ethnic minority community a lot of flyers, although the results did not change. "

Not far away, several dress very hippie man in the ground is made of a great white, seem to want you to write down to social discontent. I looked at the sky, do not know whether to write over this piece of paper, and write full place, and how far is it from here. I ask Antoine, when do you think the party each night to come to an end, he said it probably depends on the weather. A month later, it's sure hot to sit down, then, is about it.