Monday, November 23, 2015

Cgnpc purchased along the way for clean energy projects in the area installed

Local time November 23, 2015 afternoon, China wide nuclear group limited (following referred to in the wide nuclear) and Malaysia Egypt de pulled global energy company (Edra Global Energy Bhd, referred to Egypt de pulled company) in Kuala Lumpur signed has Egypt de pulled company subordinates power project company equity and the new project development right (following referred to "Egypt de pulled project") of equity acquisition agreement, marks in the wide nuclear in full of market competition in the bid success.

It is reported that Ed company is Southeast Asia's leading independent power producer, has a holding capacity in transit 6.62 million-kilowatt, the capacity equivalent of one-fourth in three Gorges hydroelectric power station installed capacity. These 13 power projects in Malaysia, and Egypt, Bangladesh, U.A.E., Pakistan five "along the way" along national, major clean energy generation to gas projects mainly in Southeast Asia is rich in clean energy project development experience. Meanwhile, ED also actively develop other clean energy projects, which 3.77 million-kilowatt has signed power purchase agreements or binding memorandum of understanding, mainly reserve for natural gas, solar and other clean energy generation projects.

He Yu, Chairman of cgnpc introduced ed project's existing portfolio and business development and development orientation of China Guangdong Nuclear clean energy high, and with cgnpc belongs to Korea gas power generation project could form a strong synergistic effect. This acquisition will promote wider international nuclear clean energy projects continue to grow, on the other hand, Ed the country of the project are "along the way" on behalf of the State, is currently the most widely distributed and largest "along the way" project. Cgnpc acquired Ed 13 power projects of the company, to China "along the way" major response strategies and to actively promote, and further promote the China Guangdong nuclear "going out" the implementation of the strategy. SFC opening external funding tickets: four futures

As overseen by SASAC mega-clean energy enterprises, cgnpc is committed to building a world-class clean energy as the world's leading clean energy provider and the service provider. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc nuclear power units in transit 14 units, installed capacity of 14.92 million-kilowatt, is the nation's largest nuclear operator, safety performance to keep the world's advanced level. Cgnpc also has 12 nuclear power plants under construction, installed capacity of 14.45 million-kilowatt, 1/5 of the total global nuclear power capacity under construction, is the world's largest builder of nuclear power. Meanwhile, cgnpc nuclear and non-nuclear clean energy collaborative development strategy, actively promoting wind power, hydropower, solar, gas and other non-nuclear clean energy projects. At the end of October 2015, cgnpc shipped non-nuclear clean energy installed capacity 12.73 million-kilowatt, the project covering the country's 29 provinces, realized the scale and efficiency of development. Among them, the overseas 3.02 million-kilowatt of total installed capacity, mainly in Korea and the United Kingdom, and France, and Australia, and Singapore and other countries. With the completion of the acquisition, China Guangdong Nuclear nuclear clean energy installed capacity reached 19.35 million-kilowatt in transit, plus nuclear power installed capacity of the project, has more than 34 million-kilowatt shipped in clean energy Assembly machine.