Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sichuan Teachers College was pulled to the factory and hundreds of new film

Two months of school, on a specialized Hall did not, more than 200 students have been to Xiamen to attend the school "social work"; learned kindergarten teaching, "social practice" was on the line to foil their phone. On November 25, shuangliu County, Chengdu of Sichuan Normal University studying transportation and mechanical technician colleges reflect several students to the online hotline for people in Sichuan province, the school organized the freshmen to the Xiamen company "social practice", and linked with the credits, diplomas, in completely unrelated to your major and work, "this practice right? "

Practice: student foil to the factory, working 12 hours a day

Chengdu city, Sichuan Normal University, transport and mechanical technician colleges teaching freshmen this year xiaowen told reporters on September 1 after admission, schools they had Chinese, maths, English and other courses to help them preparing for entrance examination, exams, and schools on this batch of students sent them to Xiamen, Fujian, Chen hung-technology participate in the "social"-the phone-line foil.

Xiaowen felt that the students "didn't even a specialized section on, were brought to social practice, which is not appropriate. "Even more to their surprise is, some students majoring in pre-school education for school furnished (kindergarten teacher), also wants to go to the factory to foil their phone.

Xiaowen's another classmate Xiao Jiang says, "teachers stressed that this practice must participate, 6 credits, not to take the No 6 minutes, will affect the diploma. "

On November 1, xiaowen over more than 200 students into the factory, such as "social". Before work, students were asked, the school signed a tripartite agreement with the company.

No two days, Xiao Wen discovered something was amiss: initially said the 8-hour working day became "two shifts", working time of up to 12 hours a day, often shift some jobs for a week without a break. They feel that life is too hard, find teacher reflected, said teacher advised them "not to leave, signed to resign the contract money will be deducted. "

According to Xiao Wen introduced, and they are almost all students to work together in this work, vocational colleges from around the country. Reporter contacted the students, at least including the Sichuan Tianyi Academy (Jintang campus) and other many Sichuan schools, students are underage students under the age of 18.

Response: enterprises, without interest, teacher bonuses by the enterprise

On November 25, the people Wen XING Zhen XI aviation Hong Kong hotline reporter arrived at shuangliu airport economic development zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Normal University traffic and mechanical technician colleges teaching confirmation. After many setbacks, the school's vice principal Liu Yirong interviewed.

Liu Yirong confirmed that the school does have 8 Professional more than more than 260 new students in Xiamen, Chen hung-science and technology participate in social practice. This group of students has just been coming in late October after attending college entrance examination, the result hasn't come out, no school, also has not officially admitted, is in waiting for the admission stage, if all goes well, March 2016 will be brought to school. Breaking News

Said Liu Yirong, finished the entrance examination and obtaining student status for some time in the Middle, its schools, this time to participate in social practice, belonging to the school curriculum, one of the aim is to enable students to better adapt to society, the management of the world's top 500 enterprises. "Public hotline-reporter Chen hung-Xiamen science and technology official website found that the company claimed to be focused on Taiwan-funded enterprises, but they can't find nominated world top 500 or the words of China's top 500.

For kindergarten teaching students across professional practice issues, Liu Yirong explained 2015 fall admissions students choose when kindergarten teaching, but because enrollment is limited, schools did not open this major, other professional entrance examination when filling their re-election, so there is no social practice of students go to mobile phone factory.

On "working more than 8 hours", Liu Yirong believes that students ' work hours are completely in accordance with the provisions, "this enterprise there must be working overtime or night work, the school will try to coordinate with the factory when students work long, can be led by a teacher and business consultations. "

"Although social credit link, but we will not force students to participate in social activities. If you are not satisfied with their conditions in Xiamen, can be arranged by the school to other enterprise social practice, also allows students to look for companies to practice. "Liu Yirong said, the firm is a unit of school-enterprise cooperation, cooperation between the two sides have maintained at least 3 years, but she also stressed that the" relationship between school and there are no benefits to the enterprise, students ' social practice is paid directly by the enterprise according to the workload issue. "

But Vice President Liu also admitted that, currently at the school in Xiamen, Chen-hung led a total of 4 teachers of science and technology, "the basic salary for teachers from the school, corporate bonuses, bonuses based on the students ' heads issued averaged 10-15 Yuan. "