Saturday, November 14, 2015

XI Jinping China programme will give powerful impetus to world economic

XI Jinping, China

China's economy remains a powerful driving force for the development of the world economy.

In China President XI to Turkey participate in G20 Summit Zhiji, G20 and emerging national development strategy Research Center Director Zhang Qizuo wrote said, XI President as participate in two big Summit of maximum emerging market heads of State, representative China in two big Summit Shang informed China on hosted 2016 G20 Summit envisaged, combined "Thirteen-Five" planning recommends show China economic light prospects, described insisted and manpower domestic international two overall, proposed achieved Asia-Pacific since trade district of policy recommends, and through "way area" And the international cooperation capacity transfer new cooperation initiatives and "China plan" will give powerful impetus for the development of China and the world.

Zhang Qizuo, said "China is not the engine of the global economy? "Bound in the meetings of the G20 and APEC" two summits "thrown on the heated discussion.

He wrote, it turns out, the international status of China's economy rapidly, China has become the largest emerging-market countries, remarkable progress, for the steady recovery of the world economy has injected strong momentum, and become the leading engine of global economic growth.

He also said that China has entered a deep stage of interaction with the world, is the world's second-largest economy and the economic growth rate of countries, is the world's first exporter and second largest importer, the world's largest to attract foreign investment and the third-largest foreign investor in the country. How many people in China have financial dinner

Zhang Qizuo noted that the current world economic recovery weak very weak, 2015 global growth at its lowest level since 2009. LMF has four times to reduce global economic growth forecast for this year, down from 3.8% so far 3.3%, forecast China's economic growth will reach the level of 6.8%, Russia and Brazil-3.8% and-3%, respectively.

Zhang Qizuo believes that from the international financial crisis, the emerging markets are an important force in supporting global economic growth, and China's contribution to global economic growth peaked at over 50%.

He said China "despite downward pressure, 2015 years 6.9% China's economic growth in the third quarter, ahead of 10 million people in employment, continue to maintain the economy at a reasonable interval for the year, is still in the high side and growing contributor to global economic growth rate this year of up to 30%. "