Sunday, November 1, 2015

Henan Tangyin station the law is listening to me I am law

Henan Tangyin station: the law is listening to me, I am law

"The station is to act" alarmingly. Video screenshot

In recent years, grass-roots officials heard Ray Ray say. Thanks to modern technology, many of pride the words into the word. Recently, the words of Tangyin County, Henan province, a public station "law is listening to me, I am on behalf of law enforcement, I am the law, detained at any time you ... ..." is again attracted public attention. "The station is law", law enforcement personnel awareness of rule of law is weak, alarming.

To see the event itself. In the video, resolve the Zhao family "flail pay" sympathy and to watch. Ordinarily, the market economy is ruled by law, it should be forwarded to the administration of Justice. Merits, the law will give a statement and effective implementation. As to why Mr Zhao asked enterprise concerned for salary, but by the public security organs to take coercive measures, or even detained, there is still no clear explanation. But in any case, all demands of the rule of law the rule of law under the framework of rational argument, and not prone to intimidation, threats.

So far, this matter is still under investigation, we might as well give some more time and patience. However, with only a wanton voice in recording, it might be inferred that the station carried away in front of the rule of law. Even if the party acts of radical, there is a breach of the relevant law, violations of the rights of subjects, that can be disposed according to legal procedures. If it proves necessary to explain to family members and interested parties, should also learn to deal with grassroots, there is a saying, why the big qicu, may escalate? Centennial building is split into best illegally

Through this layer, it is not difficult to see some local cadres, the lack of the rule of law. Hold the right to party, and the Emperor is far away, room for discretion is very large, and can be detained without criminal detention, seems to be totally in their thoughts. Moreover, they often backed behind, the Director outside in, for example, has mentioned that the County leaders said, is not yet known what's real. This shows that to a certain extent in some places emphasis on rule, human, governance status of light in light of rule of law, human rights.

Therefore, the habit of "looking up", whose "look down", is where the mine such shocking language roots. Failing to consider the suffering of the people, do not pay attention to resolving conflicts, the first thought is the top, what seat does not, only bad things will be "involved in his political life," awareness of the dislocation. Fetters only rid the judicial powers of local executive powers, rule of law can we gradually mature, including government officials, law enforcement will know of all faiths, rather than the power of law. The preceding period issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council leaders to intervene in judicial activity, and to intervene in specific cases dealing with the recording, reporting and accountability provisions, is exploring.

He who hesitates is lost. The so-called speech, law enforcement officers must first abide by the law, must be held accountable for their words and deeds. Individual police officers of the lack of rule of law, if there is the law for selfish ends, it will have serious accountability. Related sectors cannot lift, gently falling, its calm Exchange seats for two days and then feel free to use. Cadres everywhere to a lesson, not only fear the voice recorder in the hands of the law enforcement, more visceral fear their power--power derives from the people and only in serving the people in the process, in order to realize their own value of existence.