Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today s local news select list universities Secretary of confession I was sent

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"Shandong" Secretary of qilu large confessions exposed: I was sent money to his family with a sense of accomplishment

A month ago, original party Secretary Xu Tongwen cheeloo University of technology on suspicion of bribery, corruption in heze city intermediate people's Court were tried and sentenced in public, he was sentenced to 13 years ' imprisonment and confiscation of 500,000 yuan of personal property. Prosecutors found that Xu Tongwen beginning in the first year of leadership of corruption, 117 times in the school for 14 years for accepting bribes totalling more than 4 million Yuan. Business's reach for recruitment, tenders, purchase links work and almost all of the College.

And how does he walk the road of corruption? Today, the procuratorial daily published his confessions for answering this question.

"Before 2003, during the planning of linyi University, raised a building Fund for the school, I will feel a sense of accomplishment. Can be after 2012, every time I hear someone sent money to his family, I will not feel a sense of accomplishment. "Xu Tongwen said in his confession.

In his view, that ignorance of the law has a great relationship with myself. "For example, the long time I thought that receiving a gift card is not a bribe, received less than 10,000 yuan of money is not a crime, and so on. These terrible and silly mistakes, resulting in what I received not a penny refused to accept, whose money and everything. "Xu Tongwen says.

Schools are imparting knowledge and educating people, but some colleges and universities campus due to a close operation on the rights to be hardest hit by corruption corruption case.

"Shaanxi" found that 110 years ago, lueyang "Hanyang" rail in the Qing dynasty still in use

According to the Xian evening news reported recently, some netizens in lueyang County, Shaanxi iron and steel limited liability company found on the railway line of jialing River Bridge in service of rail, it was made in the Qing dynasty, surprised admiration of these hundreds of years old Rails was too strong. Kunming municipal party Committee Gao Jinsong

Is located in the South of the county seat across the jialing River of steel railway lines the road less often people go walking on the bridge for sightseeing. Recently, some observant netizens discovered, several rail track in the bridge raised on cast of complex characters "1902 Hanyang", as well as letters and numbers of the serial number. According to some experts, this rail is Hanyang iron manufacture in the late Qing dynasty, on the track "1902" "1909" and other digital production era.

"Sichuan" Chengdu municipal party Committee Li Kunxue, Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Yongkang, was found after the promotion has been encouraged

Sichuan Tiger and the new Act. According to the Sichuan online news, Deputy Secretary of the Chengdu municipal Committee Li Kunxue suspected serious disciplinary violations, currently under investigation.

Li Kunxue Lok reason is still unclear, but the data also showed that a few years ago after he was promoted to Vice Secretary of Sichuan, Zhou Yongkang, also said in a survey during the overlap with. According to the legal daily reported on October 18, October 14 to 15th, Secretary of the central political and Legislative Affairs Committee of the Politburo, Zhou Yongkang, Sichuan for investigation and research.

The morning of October 15, Zhou Yongkang visited the municipal Public Security Bureau of Chengdu, Chengdu city people's Procuratorate, people's Court in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, national security agency, visit condolences to police officers. Li Kunxue, say: "thank you encouraged us to Zhou Shuji, Chengdu University of public security police must faithfully practice the core values of law enforcement and police officers, will live up to their sacred mission entrusted by the people. "

"Jiangxi" Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty when rare Lin-toe gold relics has been unearthed from the tomb of Mawangdui

Thanks to Han dynasty burial customs, Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis surprise people is not over.

According to the keepers, from November 21 to 23rd, the archaeologists unearthed in Nanchang sea out of Western Han dynasty Tomb of Marquis to 2 boxes of pie, a total of 187. Moreover, archaeologists also found 25 silver dichondra, including rare Lin-toe gold 10.

Since November 4, Nanchang sea evening Hou archaeological excavation of the tomb of Western Han dynasty initial results were announced, has been under scrutiny. It is reported that sea-Hou tombs unearthed tens of thousands of faint, has exceeded the Han tombs at Mawangdui in Changsha.

Nanchang fainted when the sea of Western Han dynasty tombs were found in China's most complete, clear layout, the best preserved of the Han dynasty, Hou cemetery. After 5 years of archaeological excavations, which were unearthed from the tomb of gold, bronze, iron, jade, lacquer furniture, textiles, ceramics, bamboo, inscribed wooden tablet and other types of more than 10,000 pieces of precious cultural relics.

"Hunan" provincial party Committee Organization Department regulations: Secretary of the County Organization Department length with sibling with the origin

Hunan provincial party Committee Organization Department recently issued a circular on strengthening the construction of County party Committee Organization Department long strictly the regulations, sought to further raise the level of scientific organizations.

Provides proposed, organization Minister shall not in I growth to served, General shall not and sibling Party Secretary for same origin (was born to, and growth to); shall not directly is in charge of Government work, shall not served as various project construction command head, General not who other sector or institutions main head; where in de of aspects evaluation not high, and or independent Commission against corruption aspects doubts, and or violation organization personnel discipline by had discipline disciplines disposition of, are cannot served as organization Minister.

In addition, this provision also specifically listed is not up to ministerial posts of the organization needs to be adjusted "negative lists", including the dire consequences of a violation of political discipline and organization and personnel discipline; perform local selection and appointment are not due to grave mistakes have a harsh impact solution on your local personnel selection problems in avoiding problems, can't play.