Sunday, November 8, 2015

Editorial to stop runway chaos

In recent days, local authorities ordered the construction of Shenzhen eradication of Mei Lin primary school the new paved runway. !mWhy wear Chinese clothes need a beard: Jia pingwa's offering f

In July of this year, Shenzhen Mei Lin primary school on the campus of the runway construction, acceptance, some students nosebleeds, cough and other symptoms of the body. Tested by the experts, the campus track toluene and xylene average exceeded the national standard of 20 times.

In recent years, many schools have conditions improving sport facilities, paved runway has almost become mandatory. Some cities, paved runway needs have increased in recent years, tremendous business opportunities here.

But the implementation of plastic track product-related standard, namely sports standards and environmental standards. After the runway pavement, for impacts on air quality and air quality requirements over the runway, and no relevant national standard.

Huge market demand, while national standards are not perfect, the swarms of suppliers into vicious competition. According to authoritative sources in recent years, added nearly 3,000 nationwide plastic track raw material suppliers, small workshops 50% or more of the market share, they have no qualifications, no technology, no production management systems, there is no quality assurance system, there is no safety management measures, inspection means no product, no professional production personnel and technicians, manufacturing cost is very low.

It is reported that the domestic qualified paver-hybrid and composite plastic track market prices generally around 200 yuan per square meter, quality product prices even higher at around 250 Yuan per square meter, water-type plastic track market prices generally around 150 yuan per square meter. Prefabrication type rubber runway material prices not less than 380 Yuan per square meter, or even higher. Below this price quotation, it can be concluded that it is impossible to pass. But in a e-commerce site, seepage of plastic materials wholesale prices most of the runway at about 100 yuan per square meter, prefabrication type rubber runway material wholesale prices are between two hundred or three hundred Yuan per square meter.

Price differences are mainly manufacturers illegal toxic cheap poor quality raw materials to produce products, plastic materials added toluene, xylene, acetone thinner for poor and contained excessive amounts of heavy metals, catalysts, solvents, etc. Even more serious is that some manufacturers use aromatic chemicals, covered with a chemical method to hide toxic odor, make these materials all the more terrible.

These inferior raw materials, not only pollute the air and are likely to cause harm to the human body, or can contaminate soil, rivers and groundwater. Therefore, smell taste, plastic track does not mean that the problem will be solved.

Mildly good news is, starting from the September runway suspected poisoning incident came nearly two months, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangxi, Sichuan and Shenzhen, Guangzhou has launched a plastic track troubleshooting work.

50% of the small plastic track raw materials not only supply these places, and regrettable is that winter approaches, a wider range of investigation has yet to start. In addition, the testing associated with runway standards should be promulgated as soon as possible, or perfected, so a growing number of producers to follow.