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I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes they were more afraid of our

I used to be IS a hostage than airstrikes, they were more afraid of our solidarity

On April 20, 2014, the day after the rescue, Justine and hollande's public appearances. Agence France-Presse

"In Syria, I realized that ' Islamic countries ' desire to incite revenge, we should not fall into this trap. "France Press nigula·Haining (Nicolas h e Nin) told the United Kingdom the guardian.

Haining was extremist "Islamic countries" (IS) being held hostage for 10 months, during participation in the so-called "Jihad" terrorists from a careful study of the daily life. In his view, the people of pain and sorrow, hope and life will not touch these terrorists, they are living in a separate world.

On Friday, France suffered historic after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Henin and the guardian discusses his views on this incident.

Use "filters" to interpret the world

Henin said as a proud Frenchman, who like others, feel pain for terrorist violence in Paris. However, this is not surprising, nor make people doubt.

"A lot of people just by their publicity materials to understand ' Islamic State ', but I saw some things behind. At the time I become their hostage, I see a lot of ' Islamic State ' member. ' Saint John ' the muhanmode·aiwazi has guarded me, he gave me a nickname called a ' Baldy (Baldy). "

Henin told the guardian, even now, he also through social media and IS a member of the chat. In his opinion, IS through outreach and public relations and advertising to create its super hero's "brand image", but far beyond the lens, more of a sad side: ideology and power heads street children.

Henin said the militants responsible for guarding him sometimes play some childish trick – mental torture. "One day, they suddenly said we would be released, but after two weeks, they seem to be inadvertently reveal, one of us will be executed the next day. Beginning of we'll believe them, then we know that they are talking about, just on us having fun. "

On one occasion, militants will Haining simulated executions. They chloroform anesthesia, a group of French speaking people chanted: "we will cut off your head, put it on your ass, and upload the video on YouTube. "Everything to do with real beheading case exactly the same. In the infancy of the "game" of militants laughing, while Henin was combined with the screaming, so that they have more fun.

In Henin's view, ideology of these militants are being "brainwashed" products, with their own "filters" to explain everything they see, adhere to a variety of conspiracy theories, are not aware of the existence of opposing views. They distorted firmly believe that they are on the right road.

Henin told the guardian says IS world view, other social groups are not harmonious living with them. Every day, they would find evidence to prove that the core beliefs. Thus, when Germany people welcomed the influx of large numbers of immigrants, and such news and photos among other things make them upset, external social cohesion and tolerance is what they want to see.

Haining firmly believe that they will pay close attention to all the news about the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"I guess they will repeatedly praise, ' we won. ' "Nigula·Haining said, IS the militants will now focus on all the news reports about terrorist attacks in Paris, overreaction, and have a tendency to isolation, fear, racial discrimination and xenophobia of signals would greatly encourage their.

"Bombing is what they want, is what they are afraid of solidarity"

Why IS would choose France start?

In Henin's view, this is because the Member IS France as continental Europe's weakest link, they think in France, separatist tendencies can be easily spread.

Greatly enhance efforts to combat IS expressed France's response. Within 48 hours of the terrorist atrocities, France to Syria IS more than 20 bombs were dropped inside.

In this regard, Henin told the guardian admits that revenge may be inevitable, but France also needs to be a cautious response, he worries that massive air strikes might make the situation worse. Investigation PhD farm Chinese Academy of Sciences

"When we tried to destroy IS when more than 500,000 civilians trapped in La to do? What about their safety? If our military action against some of these civilians become extremists do? "Henin appears to protect Syria war zone civilians should be France's priority, not in Syria dropped more bombs. He said that France needs to build a no fly zone to ensure that Syria for the safety of civilians, otherwise, there will be more people spontaneously formed a similar organization IS.

Henin said he wanted France to follow Canada, exit on Syria IS air strikes in the territory. Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau after a successful campaign last month, announced its withdrawal from the Syria RAID.

But Henin is not optimistic, "reason told me it was possible, but pragmatism tells me that it will not happen. "The fact that France is in trouble:" the ' Islamic State ' we are stuck. They arrived in Paris with Kalashnikov assault rifles, said they wanted France to cease immediately the Syria RAID, and they also know that terror attacks will only let us continue bombing in Paris, and even intensified air strikes. This is what's happening. "

According to the United States media reported earlier, "Saint John" muhanmode·aiwazi was killed in a joint air strikes, France Parliament has expressed a celebration. In the Aivaz killings "spree", he also adopted a dual strategy of intimidation. A video display, killing a United States journalist zhanmusi·Fuli after, he points to the camera tip, turns to the next execution of the victims, said: "Obama, you have to stop in the Middle East situation, or I will kill him. "

Henin said Aivaz clearly knows the fate of the hostages, he also clearly know the United States will be how to respond-the more bombing. This is what IS wanted, but, really, do you want to respond?

Justine Henin believes that there is no viable political route and planned to intervene in local, but he believes that IS bound to collapse, political forces will make this happen. While in France after the terrorist atrocities in Paris, the French needed to do more. "We want to have a strong mind and good resilience, that is the ' Islamic State ' real fear. I understand them: the bombing was what they wanted, and unity is what they fear. "