Friday, November 13, 2015

Henan sent investigation teams investigate human food stored grain in Henan

Zhengzhou Xinhua News on November 13, reporters from Henan branch of grain storage on the day was informed that previously sold grain that appears difficult to look up in Henan province, some farmers "back door" and selling grain, relevant bureaux and departments have set up a joint investigation team will be similar against farmers ' interests, the sale of "human food" a thorough investigation of the situation.

Because food harvests year after year, stock prices continued unilateral gains, State-owned inventory at a high level, traditional major grain-producing province Henan appeared recently sold food, limited capacity as a scarce resource, part of the library staff took the opportunity to rent freeloaders, charged to sell grain farmers, "wouldn't".

Xinhua recently advertised news, recogniting the occurrence of the above situation.

Xinhua reported that from food brokers in huangchuan town Zhang Zhenhai introduced white shops within a radius of 30 km from town this year a delegate of grain storage in the library also opened food, queues hundreds of cars, but the day unloading less than 10 cars. Breaking News

"I have had more than 50,000 kilos of grain, have been waiting for a week also didn't sell. Some queued for longer and are waiting for more than 10 days. But also people can unload a prying is selling ' people food ', each time you want to almost 500 yanzhi wouldn't can yanzhi without queuing, end directly weigh incoming inspection. "

Stored grain in Henan branch officials told reporters that the company attaches great importance to reports of "back door" sold food, after immediate preliminary understanding of the stored grain in huangchuan, mentioned in the report received "Commission" white huangchuan town buying point for grain, huangchuan affiliated enterprises, was entrusted by the grain company to buy one. Stored grain in Henan branch is the joint Government of xinyang city, Henan provincial grain Bureau and, formed investigation teams investigate this matter. Detailed investigation is still ongoing.

The official also said that "human food" phenomenon once verified, will be seriously dealt with those responsible and, if necessary, on the library points to waive rectification. While giving top priority to all commissioned reserve to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the area, further reaffirmed support, acquisition policy requirements, maintaining the grain purchase order for the effective implementation of national agricultural policies.