Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today s local news featured the 2015 happiest cities released

Photo: CFP

It's the weekend, but the event is still happening all over the country. Ten cities, including Chengdu, was named the "2015 China's happiest city" did your city make the list? In Shanghai, the FTA first pilot "architect responsibility"; in Zhejiang, has served in many universities "popping" fake soldier has been arrested for fraud yesterday, Henan a lifting of the building to collapse, in which 17 people were killed; in Shenzhen, the suspect at the designated site run $ 100,000 reward for arrest. In Hangzhou, a 26 year old male teacher in spite of sudden death after even four classes, it is sad ... ...

(Highest rated) ten cities such as Chengdu is on "2015 happiest cities in China"

In the bustle of the city life, you feel happy?

("2015 China happiest cities" ranking)

On October 31, the "2015 China happiest cities" list released in Beijing. Public surveys, sampling, data collection and expert review, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xian, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Changchun, Changsha, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, ten City won the "2015 China's happiest city" title.

As the largest human settlement of the city, in order to provide people with a place to live, work, enjoy the people's material and spiritual, the city exudes happiness is very important to the people. In the "2015 happiest cities in China" award, a total of more than 80 million people, Chengdu city, with the highest score becomes 2015 happiest cities in China, Ningbo and Hangzhou respectively two or three digits. While Beijing's list is impressive.

(Shanghai) FTA pilot "architects in charge" the Government no longer construction activities throughout the "endorsement"

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The past, domestic construction activities throughout the Government of "endorsement" from the land, projects, planning and construction and all links must be approved by the Government, investment and construction activity is a complex process. However, at present, is planning a free trade area launched in Shanghai, China "architects in charge", the Government will gradually entrusted to professional quality technical review.

At the international level, many developed countries have adopted "architects in charge." The system requirements, the architects are the designer or engineer, architects need for strict checks on technical issues such as building material selection, architect of the entire management and supervision on construction quality and great effect. Korea Casino line to seduce female models to Chinese

Shanghai free trade zones "architects in charge" post, is expected to declare the project time is greatly reduced, if ever to allow building may need to be covered with 100 stamps, about a year's time, but "the architects in charge" after the pilot, a project or save 3-6 months. In addition, the Government will strengthen supervision after the pilot, the building if accidents occur, the architect will bear the corresponding legal responsibility, is expected to make the building safer and more secure.

(Zhejiang) "soldiers" arrested in Ningbo University in universities "popping" deception

("Soldiers" were caught)

On October 30, University Security Department staff saw a uniformed "troops," chatting up female students in the school, approached the questioning revealed that the man was pretending to be a soldier in the universities "popping" deception, "Zhao Maolin", so she sent them to the police station. Upon review, the man told us that multiple cases of fraud of pretending to be a soldier to implement.

Prior to that, "soldier a long distance marriage, the woman did not appear" the news aroused heated discussion on the Internet, including "soldier" is the man. Each time the "popping" after the man had lied about his girlfriend abandoned no money back, and as a fraud, the suspects had in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changsha, Yueyang and so much crime in colleges and universities.

(Henan) luohe lifting a building collapse search and rescue out of the 40 people killed 17 people

(Photo source: Xinhua)

On October 30, wuyang County, luohe city, Henan province, Northern dance both houses within the town area in construction collapse accident that occurred during as at 31st 5:38, site search-and-rescue work ended, construction workers were search and rescue 40 people, which slightly injured 14 people and seriously injured 9 people, killed 17 people.

Local residents described the collapsing House is a building in the late 90 's the two-story building, because the overall uplift of the House Foundation lower homeowners, it is in the process of lifting the housing collapse, dozens of workers were buried when the incident. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, the persons responsible for the accident have been controlled by the public security organs.

(Hangzhou) on a 26 year old male teacher in spite of even sudden death after four lessons about colleagues who play basketball after school

(Teacher's sudden death in your circle of friends is heat transfer)

Recently, Hangzhou, a 26 year old male teachers in primary schools, Internet sensation connected with illness of sudden death after four lessons, later confirmed that it was true. Experimental school of the teacher is the view into the six grade math teacher, head teacher, 26 years old, is the new teacher two years ago.

On October 23, he has been unwell before work, at 6 o'clock in the morning and then hanging up bit by bit, but ill get to school, and even the four classes. When the school, the teachers ' sudden cardiac arrest, rescue invalid died.

Netizens have said about this sad, has said he is not yet a humor lovely big boy to marry and have children, is a student in the eyes of the good teachers, children learn that after the death of the teacher dropped a tear.

(Shenzhen) one suspect at the designated site run $ 100,000 reward for arrest

(Source: Beijing News)

The afternoon of October 30, Nanshan, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau police escort suspects pan to fit in boluo County, Huizhou city survey to obtain evidence, pan while guards unprepared and escape. Pan xxx sex, male, 21 years old, is a Guizhou person. At present, the police are still searching for the suspects.

30th, boluo County Public Security Bureau issued a notice offering a reward, said pan on the run wearing a jail uniform, wearing handcuffs, wearing leg irons paid, wants the people to help the police to catch the fugitives, and providing incentives for people to provide useful information. Where to find the fugitives and would subdue submitted to the officers of the public security organs will be awarded 100,000 yuan.